Rope Incense


Burned in Stupas, Temples and meditation rooms for its aromatic ambiance. Approximately 50 – four inch ropes are artfully packaged in bundles of hand rolled lokta paper. Handmade in Nepal.

How to Use:
*All of our incense can be used to clear off stale/negative energy in your living space.
*Light the edge of the rope incense and set it on a incense holder/dish/ shell/ plate, pretty much anything that wont catch on fire. A simple plate should do just fine!
*Burn the incense to introduce and clean energy in your Alter
*Before you start your day, take a few minutes to be present, set the intention for the day, (whatever that maybe, finishing a project that you have started, being thankful for the day, sending love to family and friends) and then burn the incense. As the smoke is lifted by the wind, your prayers will be carried out through that energy.
*Before or after the end of your meditation session
*Before your loved ones go for a long travel away from home


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Sandalwood, Juniper, Nag Champa, Spikenard, Rose


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