Flowers & Stars Essences


Creatrix: helps you connect to your infinite creative spirit, through opening and protecting your chakras. It helps to bring in inspiration quickly as well as the ability to birth it into the world. Great for writers, artists and all creative types. Essences of: Quick fire hydrangea, Indian Paintbrush & Yarrow in a mixture of brandy and spring water.

Aviatrix: helps you take the long view of life. It helps you to rise above circumstances and connect with higher spiritual realms. It helps you to open to unconditional love and support. Essences of: Jewelweed, apophyllite, & rose quartz in a mixture of brandy and spring water.

Mediatrix: assists you in recognizing your divine essence and beauty. It is a kind grandmother who sees you through the eyes of love and protects your true essence. It helps you feel beautiful, abundant and like anything is possible. Essences of: White peony, pink peony & yarrow in a mixture of brandy and spring water.

Bellatrix: helps you to step into your power, boundaries intact and whole. It helps one to find creative ways to heal and overcome challenges through bold action and change. Essences of: Sea holly, echinacea, Indian paintbrush, black tourmaline in a mixture of brandy and spring water.


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Creatrix, Aviatrix, Mediatrix, Bellatrix


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