Shine Your Light Chalcopyrite

Shine Your Light Chalcopyrite

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Chalcopyrite is a magical partnership of golden Pyrite and sunny copper (and sometimes rainbow Peacock Ore!) creating a perfect balance of confidence and grounding. Chalcopyrite won't put you on a pedestal because it doesn't want you to fall off; the loving vibes are a reminder that you're already awesome. 

Meet the Chalcopyrites (check out our Instagram "CRYSTALS" highlight for a closer look!)

Doreen- Doreen comes from a long line of fabulous performers, but she's not afraid to go her own way. And she wants you to feel just as liberated! Get grounded by ascending, the only person you have to answer to is yourself. 

Cubby- Cubby can hold a beat even when there's a big shakeup; that's because Cubby knows how to adapt and improvise, turning every "mistake" into a musical masterpiece! 

Johnny- Johnny has a resume a mile long for all of his professional talents, but he really shines when entertaining friends and family. If you're hosting a party, even over Zoom, Johnny can help keep everyone's vibes high and happy. 

Darlene- Darlene knows that entertainment is needed most in the toughest times, so her performances are more about bringing people together than pizazz. Looking for someone to lead charades or suggest some art therapy? Darlene's your gal. 

Nancy- Nancy loves to dance, but more importantly she loves teaching others how to love to dance. A one-song dance routine around your kitchen can set the tone for the rest of your day, so grab Nancy and get to twirling!

Lonnie- Lonnie is a clear channel for creativity: writing, dancing, singing, and just plain goofing around are all his specialty! In moments of boredom or burnout, Lonnie can help you find the right outlet for your energy. 

Sharon- Ever feel like you're doing too many things at once? Sharon is the queen of multitasking, but also the queen of knowing her limits! Let her show you how to pick one or two things to focus on and watch your expertise soar. You'll be tap dancing while jumping rope in no time!

Annette- Annette is simply a star; can't hide her light even if she wanted to, and neither should you! If you're ready to break free from the crowd and chase your dreams, Annette is a great co-pilot. She'll share her spotlight with you!

Tiffini- Tiffini is the life of the party, but she also knows when it's time to step back and recharge. A grounding moment can earn you a whole day of energy, and Tiffini can help you decide how to use that energy for your absolute best. 

Christina- Ready for a re-brand? Christina wants you to know that you could never be a poser for expressing yourself in a new way; imposter syndrome be damned! Try on as many looks and hobbies as you want, your existence is too miraculous to stifle. 

Tommy- Tommy sees the beauty and potential in absolutely everyone, and can help you spread that love too! Shining your unique light on others is a powerful spell for healing, community, and happiness. 

Bobby- Bobby feels their best by making others feel their best. Whether a simple compliment or a complete makeover, it's impossible to feel bad about yourself around Bobby. They see the beauty in absolutely everyone; especially you! 

Jessica- Jessica is just here for a good time- no matter where she is! Curious, playful, and with the rare ability to laugh at herself, Jessica will have you forgetting whatever you were fretting about and diving into something fun in no time.