JUN 25: North Shore Pride "Witches and The Invisible World" Walking Tour for LGBTQIA+

JUN 25: North Shore Pride "Witches and The Invisible World" Walking Tour for LGBTQIA+

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Come celebrate North Shore Pride with other magical LGBTQIA folx, as we explore Salem and the evolution of The Witch and its connection to The Other. Parade watching to follow! (By donation on day of via cash or venmo)

Witches are a product of the invisible world and yet in Salem the visual symbol of The Witch is everywhere: plastered on police cars, taxi cabs, souvenir t-shirts, and tourist attractions. How can something thought of as “unreal” be so central to our material reality? Join local clairvoyant and DIY occult historian Melissa Nierman for an immersive small-group journey through the evolution of The Witch archetype - from a feared tool of persecution to a powerful modern identity and pop-culture phenomenon. Together, we’ll explore how our shared beliefs around the invisible world have both shaped and been shaped by the dominant institutions of our times. 

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  • Experience Salem as a living classroom as we visit popular sites with a unique lens

  • Connect the dots between occult movements like Spiritualism and modern witchcraft

  • Explore the relationship between psychics, seers, mediums, and the magic of science

  • See the effect of the criminalization of witches in Europe on the Salem Witch Trials

  • Question the role of “invisible” systems like colonization, capitalism, racism, sexism

  • Understand how the labels of “witch” and “magic” have been used to target The Other

  • Learn about apotropaic magic and its relationship to the lives of everyday people 

  • Discuss the creation of a modern Witch identity through Wicca and neo-paganism 

  • Follow the commercialization of The Witch and Salem’s transformation into Witch City

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