Secret Spell Altar Candles

Secret Spell Altar Candles

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These candles are a spell!

In ancient times, scent and magic were often thought to be interchangeable- deities and mortals alike used aromas to enchant and bewitch. Secret Spell Candles are a tribute to this time-honored tradition, and to the hidden sacred spaces that are just waiting to be adorned.

Comes with a box of long matches for easy lighting; we also recommend a wick trimmer to get the most out of your candle!

13 oz. / 80 hour burn time / Soy wax (available as 2 oz votives here)

Hestia: A secret spell for warmth + comfort Hestia is the ancient Goddess of Home and Hearth. This is how it smells when she roasts marshmallows. Notes of Vanilla, Cedarwood, Patchouli

Witch Shop: A secret spell for re-enchanting the world
A liminal space scented by the smoke of burning herbs, feminism, and magic. 
Notes of Lavender, Sage, Dragon's Blood, Smoke

Soft Island: A secret spell for bliss
Like floating on fluffy clouds over a lush green paradise. 
Notes of Tonka, Teakwood, and Fern