2018 was the pits; let’s not rehash it. Instead, let’s look forward to 2019 with some fresh perspectives. 2018 was the year of big dick energy but in 2019, I’d like to propose some new energies less evocative of Pete Davidson and toxic masculinity.

Big Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Energy: when you can instill fear in the crusty old white guys in your field by dancingrocking gold hoops and a red lip, and outmaneuvering them at every turn.

Big Abortion Energy: when you talk unapologetically and accurately about abortion because it’s not a dirty word and with a SCOTUS stacked to overturn Roe our abortion love is as important as ever.

Big Clit Energy: when you have 8,000 nerve endings (twice that of a penis) – because dicks aren’t the only thing with powerful energy.

Big the Future is NonBinary Energy: when you don't fuck with TERF's, gender essentialism, or transphobia.

Big #MuteRKelly Energy: when it’s time to show the fuck up for black girls because #MeToo means nothing if we don’t believe and fight for all survivors of sexual violence.

Big Profanity Energy: for when you want to impeach the motherfucker.

Big RBG Energy: when you have spent your entire life fighting for justice and your workout routine is fire and your collar game is always on point.

Big Sheldon Whitehouse Energy: for when you’re an old white guy but we’ll keep ya, because you obliterated Brett Kavanaugh at his hearing and you looked fine doing it.

Big Theo Crain Energy: when you’re a smokin’ hot lesbian empath who uses your supernatural skills to help people cope with their trauma.

What energy are you bringing into 2019? Tag @hauswitch on Instagram and let us know!

Caroline Reilly is a reproductive justice advocate and a law student based in Boston, MA. You can find her work on Teen VogueBitch MediaRewireScarleteenFrontline (PBS), and Death & the Maiden, and where she writes about abortion, medical misogyny, death phobia and more. Additionally, her writing on abortion access for minors, which gained national recognition, can be found here. Find her on Twitter at @ms_creilly.