Tech Witch: Practices For The Age Of The Internet

Thanks to the wonder of technology, we find ourselves entering a shiny new era of globally accessible magic. Communication has rapidly evolved over the Internet, making it so much easier to connect with folx from all over the world. And it isn't just the normies! Witches can now join international online covens, learn spells through Instagram posts, and even browse online for hand-crafted altar materials through little shops like ours (as well as participate in powerful group rituals for a New World Order from sacred spaces everywhere).

Meanwhile, 19 million neighbors in the so-called United States of America don't have functional Internet access. The same communities that face nutritional scarcity, voter suppression, targeted policing, and systemic poverty are also at risk for digital communication starvation. It seems like every few months we're calling our reps to protect Internet autonomy (and in the interim, arguing with Instagram about unfairly banning SW and anti-racist accounts). Even the materials in our devices, like everything else we consume, are worth scrutinizing. The conflict mineral industry thrives under the forced necessity of phones and computers. 

Phones and computers are compulsory these days. They're integral to our everyday lives, and a lot of us keep our devices within arms reach at all times. Especially in this age of unchecked media bias and the ever-looming Covid 19 virus keeping us (especially our schoolchildren) physically isolated, access to the World Wide Web is absolutely vital, and more organizers are mobilizing on behalf of accessible Internet. 

So, why the disconnect from our connection machines? There's obviously a ton of power in our digital connections or they wouldn't be so costly, so maybe it's time for modern witches to take up a new kind of magic wand. Here are some simple spells to make your laptop and phone experience feel much more magical, and help keep your channels clear for max revolutionary efficiency (spoiler alert: they don't start with "put your phone away")!

Crystal Magic
First thing's first: we gotta keep in mind that our devices naturally carry a lot of personal energy. Since they're undeniably extensions of ourselves, they're equally subject to our many fluctuating moods and the emotional interactions we have with them. Get a text from our special friend and we beam, or get a worrisome work email in our inbox and we are overcome with frustration (we won't even get into the trauma of those Breaking News notifications). Further back, someone far away pulled the materials out of the Earth, assembled them in a factory. Those souls all left their impressions on the products that keep us current with our communities, and each deserves to be acknowledged and honored. 

And at the source of all this polarized energy is a crystal ally. Nearly all electric devices depend on quartz crystals, which are piezoelectric and vibrate when they come in contact with an electrical charge. Ever wonder how phones, computers, and clocks can be so accurate? It's because of these stable crystal frequencies that keep a steady rhythm through a wide range of internal temperature changes. Because they can be set at a certain frequency, quartz are great “filters” for blocking unwanted electric pulses... which means they can also get clogged with leftovers from softening the blow. 

In essence, the crystal vibes we talk about in ritual are definitely real: the fact that you're reading this from your laptop, tablet, or phone is science-proven magic. These mighty minerals deserve our gratitude, and some dedicated time for healing inherited energy. Besides fighting capitalist eco-fascism through the open and protected channels we can access through our electronics, one way to heal the accumulated energy of our own digital experiences is through a simple crystal-cleansing spell:
-Place your devices in a far corner of your room or office 
-Grab two selenite towers and a clear crystal quartz OR 3 small vessels of salt
-Place one tower/vessel on each end of the device, and the clear quartz/last vessel on top of your laptop or phone screen. Selenite, being a 24/7 cleanser, clears out lingering feelings or emotions, while the quartz renews and restores 360-clarity. Both crystals are amplifiers of directed intentions, and salt checks every box as an ancient magical ally
-Express your gratitude for the privilege of working with these machines, and your deference to the sacrifices made for their production. Focus on manifesting a future free of the colonial conquest that destabilizes areas rich in natural resources. Blow away the ghosts of petty Instagram comments, Facebook messages, Tweets, and emails that divert your power. Store loving, radical exchanges with your digital coven in your internal memory drive (and at least two other forms of backup storage!) 
-Leave everything to charge overnight 
-Restart your devices

When you do work with your devices, placing Shungite and Tourmaline around your space can ground your own energy by helping you stay focused and not succumb to the overwhelming need to scroll for hours on end. Phones and computers can easily become the source of how we feel day to day, so it's extra important to put healthy boundaries between ourselves and our electronics in order to develop a balanced relationship. News and organizing are good; wallowing in Buzzfeed quizzes... well, in moderation! 

Emojis as Sigil Spells!
Sigils are visual forms of magic that are charged with emotional energy to set an intention. They are symbolic representations of intentions, thoughts, and feelings that communicate a desire. After the creation of a sigil, the idea is to send it off (by burning or sealing with with candle wax for example) so it can be received by the universe.

This process sounds really familiar doesn’t it? It’s like texting emojis! You select a tiny image that expresses what you want to communicate, and shortly after you hit send your friend gets a buzz and (hopefully) totally understands the underlying message. It might mean something simple like "want pizza?", or something serious like an ambulance for "emergency". These images transcend written language, providing an oft-overlooked universal hieroglyphic alphabet that speaks across borders.

So witches, why don't we create our own 21st-century sigils based on charged emojis and digital covens? If anything, they can be spells to distract killjoy boomers from getting in our way!

Before you start, you can decide to go with the traditional archetypes (four leaf clovers to send good luck! Black hearts for protection!) or you can tie in your own personal associations (like your favorite moon phase to send good vibes!)
-Pull the emoji or series of emojis up on your screen and meditate on them to infuse with your high-vibin’ energies
-Now to activate it, send your selected emoji to your closest friends or a virtual comrade who needs it. They can send it back to create a virtual magic circle and amplify the spellpower.
-You can also adopt an emoji sigil of your own energy, to add a little oomph to messages to your reps, landlord, employers, anyone with whom you exchange electronic correspondence (to keep it "professional" that could even just be a discreet asterisk or tilde in your signature. An asterisk, or star, is great for manifesting, while a wavy tilde is great for networking)

Also, ever noticed how we add emojis to diffuse or harmonize a tense situation? Well, that’s actually a form of peace making magic! Select an emoji that represents peace for you, and once again, pull up a large image on your phone and infuse feelings of comfort. Now next time you feel a recipient needs some peace, you can send the charged emoji their way!

Bottom line is you craft your own special meanings and feelings before you send them, so go ahead and have fun trying out different combos for different magic purposes. Any help we can get, right? 

Inbox Divination! 
The internet can be part of our sacred work, if we develop a sense of respect for the interconnectedness it has provided us, including through email! But who hasn’t gotten even the tiniest bit stressed seeing their inbox count grow and grow, especially when most messages come from long-forgotten, irrelevant subscriptions?

However, email is another form of communication not just between us and institutions, clients, and colleagues, but also with the universe!  If you have a burning question, you can practice a form of e-divination by setting the intention that the content of the next email will provide a clear answer (this is especially effective if you sign up for rad newsletters from people + groups like Alice Sparkly Kat, SURJ, Diana Rose Harper, and NARAL) What information is the universe conspiring to send your way? What will you do with it?

When used wisely, tech makes it easier for us to follow our soul path, whether that's as a source for anti-racist and anti-colonialist education, starting up our business or a fundraiser to welcome a flow of abundance, and even start widespread organization of political movements! At their core, our devices are a powerful source of magic, and its about time us witches started to wield it!

-By Dee Ros, @salembrujita