July has been a doozy of a month! So much Mercurial and eclipse mayhem...will somebody throw us a bone?! We do have a light at the end of the tunnel approaching on July 31—the Black New Moon in Leo. New moons are a time for setting magical intentions and starting fresh. This month, we are blessed with a second chance to make that magick happen. During the last new moon, we were drowning in the choppy waters of the Solar eclipse in cancer. According to one school of thought, it's more useful to just allow that energy to wash over us than try to set intentions during eclipses.

What is a Black Moon?

On July 31st, we have a second chance to set big magick in motion. Like a blue moon (two full moons in one month), the black moon’s rare appearance as a second new moon of the month adds a special quality to the energy. This is the time to integrate all that’s been opened, shed and unleashed during this month. We’ve been inundated with big lessons, memories and revelations. We are definitely taking a huge leap into a new cycle. We have the opportunity to radically shift how we relate to ourselves and the magickal world. In Leo, this Black Moon is asking us how we can shine forth as a bolder, brighter version of ourselves. 

In the spirit of radical shifts, I am focusing on how we can transform and level up our relationship to healing crystals. Crystals are gorgeous magical art of the Earth; proof of the creative majesty of our planet. There is no surprise why we desire to collect, cover our bodies with them, and covet them like treasures. It is a common belief that crystals are magical tools to be used. There are countless articles and books about how to manifest our intentions with crystals, how to use them for our own benefit during the auspicious lunar events. 

But what if we harnessed the transformative, generative energy of this Black New Moon to look at crystals differently?  Rather than mere objects, what if we viewed them as magical Earth bodies, alive with spirit and power? How might that give our magickal practice a glow-up?

Renewing Your Relationship with Crystals

Paige + Kate and friend of the shop, Stevie. Photo Credit: Saul @figmentof

I had the privilege of leading a workshop called Magick is for Everybody: DIY Witchcraft with HausWitch Shop Manager and punk-witch extraordinaire, Paige Curtin. She encourages us to consider that “while offerings sometimes present themselves to us, it’s still important to remember that they deserve respect and might not want to come home with us or stay for too long.” It’s a radical notion to consider the agency of crystals. As Witches who honor the Earth as our sacred touchstone, deepening our reverence for the aliveness of crystals can enrich our magickal practice. 

Paige and I recently went out to the magickal lighthouse on the coast of Salem’s harbor to release some of our crystal allies who had broken. Our spell’s intention was to honor the ocean by releasing what is broken about our culture that allows us to pollute and ravage the planet. 

For example, I released a beautiful Fluorite that was dropped on the floor and cracked in two. Fluorite is traditionally used for focus and concentration and has a particular affinity to the brain. I prayed to spirit to heal the broken state of our collective minds, to unscramble our brains from the poisons that allow us to devalue and degrade our sacred Ocean. Paige released a Honey  Calcite with the prayer to release the collective idea that we have to depend on the subjugation of the Earth and her people in order to be successful. 

Making a Crystal Essence
Rose Quartz Essence

It can be challenging to release crystals when you still desire to heal with the energy. Fortunately, there's an easy way to keep the energy while releasing the physical crystal to the Earth or offering it to a loved one. Making a crystal essence is a simple and powerful way to create an abundant preparation of crystal energy. You only need a few drops internally, in a bath or in a body spray. One essence can last years and can be shared with hundreds of people. For our workshop, Paige put together clear and easy instructions for creating your own essence. This Black Moon in Leo is sure to infuse your essences with beautiful, liberating energy. 

  • - Get a glass bowl (has to be glass or the vibrations won’t vibe right)
  • - Add the crystal to the bowl (unless they’re poisonous/questionable, just put those next to the bowl so they’re touching the glass. Their vibes will still get absorbed by the water.)
  • - Fill the bowl with pure (spring or distilled) water
  • - Leave it in the sunbeams/moonlight for a few hours
  • - Carefully remove the crystals from the water
  • - Pour the water into a jar and cut with ⅓ preservative (vinegar or alcohol)
  • - Thank the crystal for lending you their healing. Return to the Earth, water, or give to a loved one


Magic Medicine and Social Justice

It’s wonderful to make your own essence, and also exciting to try the potions of professional Witches. I absolutely adore the work of magickal mastermind Dori Midnight. Not only does she make incredible vibrational medicine, but her writing about returning crystals to the Earth is unparalleled

I particularly enjoy working with Dori’s YES! Liberation potion blend. First of all, she donates all of the proceeds to Indigenous Solidarity efforts. This in itself makes the potion appealing, but it also blends crystal and flower essences together to orient our hearts and minds towards liberation. This Black New Moon is an amazing time to recommit to social justice, to use our magick for smashing the patriarchy, dismantling white supremacy and creating a better world. Leo wants your magick to radiate out into the world. 

If you are manifesting abundance this season, this is the perfect time to offer stones to the ocean and donate money to Black Lives Matter in the name of the Black Moon in Leo. Trust that sharing your magick and resources during this time will set you on course for a new level of abundance. I can’t wait to watch all you powerful witches radiate your magick brilliantly this Leo season! Show up, glow up, and trust the universe. You got this. 


Kate Laurel has been studying plant medicine, crystal and energy healing over 6 years. She runs Laurel Tree Healing Arts and supports her clients through Reiki, tarot, and distance healing. She uses her holistic and magical training to tap into the mind and body’s intuitive knowledge. Kate also leads the Herb Witch tour with NowAge Travel. You can book a magical herbal consult, Reiki session or tarot session with her here.

Featured Photo Credit: Saul @figmentof