AUGUST 2, 2016

It’s Leo season and the early morning dew sparkles as sunlight floods the field –

This imagery is the sabian symbol for our new moon in 10 degrees of Leo this week - and it couldn’t be more welcomed. The energy surrounding us now is described as the “exalted feeling that arises within the soul of the individual who has successfully passed through the long night which has tested his strength and his faith.”

Sigh. Couldn’t you just cry reading that? I did. My mid-heaven goes through 10 degrees Leo - so I resonate with this energy in my bones. How beautiful is this exaltation and acknowledgement of Self and strength, after a summer of processing and clearing at what feels like warp speed? We made it and deserve some recognition, a little pampering and a whole lotta Love at this point. Maybe give that description a read again and just feel where it resonates with you. Can you give a little more appreciation to you and your process? Take a few to think about what you were doing and thinking 3 years ago…5 years ago. Go on, I’ll do it with you…

Now, you see why we need these times to celebrate our Selves and our growth? It really is all happening.

The key word or energy around this new moon and sabian symbol is “transfiguration”, or the changing of form or appearance to a more beautiful or spiritual state. The Catholic Church celebrates the Transfiguration of Christ on August 6. We are all free to make our own connections, but it is clear to me that this month is a portal for higher vibrational energies that help us raise consciousness, if we are open to them. Leo’s ruling planet is the sun, and the sun symbolizes our consciousness – so it makes sense that shifts or upgrades to our consciousness would happen during this season.

August feels like a lush time in the lunar calendar for our evolution. It looks to me like a harvest of Light; a divine frequency we can tap into from our deepest emerald heart space. That’s why it’s especially important this month to be letting our focus be on what raises us up. If you’d like to dive deeper into this, explore information about the Lion’s Gate portal that opens every year on August 8 (8.8.) YouTube videos and your discernment are fantastic resources here.

Within the context of a new moon, this is a PURfect time to begin creating the rest of our lives, ya? We’ve got the momentum of our inner emotional work through Cancer season, our grounding through a Capricorn full moon and now it’s time to step out into our Light and share the shit out of it. Let’s play and practice being majestic, magickal and magnetic, Light Beings! It’ll be fun!

If you are in the Salem area, we would love to have you in the new moon circle tonight, August 2, at Hauswitch Home + Healing from 7 – 9 pm. We will open the circle at 8 with intention sharing in sacred space before aligning with our inner Leo and giving our magnetic fields a boost, with guided visualization, heart-opening essential oils and gentle Reiki. Visit the Hauswitch events page to save your spot in the circle. Much love!

My name is Jessica Jones Lavoie and I am an evolving wounded healer, intuitive mama, fluoride-free essential oil freak and ET enthusiast. I create custom Reiki crystal dreamweavers and lead moon meditations at Hauswitch. Stay connected with me @evolving.light on Instagram.

Image Credit: Shelly Warren Astrology