Meet the Staff: Brenda!

When HWIC Erica saw Brenda's  resume, her words were "If we had a custom framer, we'd be unstoppable!" Our Aquarian art witch, Brenda brightens everyone's days with endless creativity and innovation. You can find Brenda's ideas all over the Community Page and in the shop; make sure to ask for an introduction to our hausplants if you come for a visit!

1. Name/Nickname: Brenda, Frienda, Friendina

2. What's your sun/moon/rising? Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Virgo Rising 3. What brought you to HausWitch? Zines, crystals, and events, oh my!!!
4. What's your "brand" of witchcraft? I'm a practical magick kinda gal, a lot of what I do is informed by Hoodoo practices, which is traditional African American folk magic.
5. What's your favorite ritual tool? Crystals!
6. What's your favorite show to binge-watch? Rupaul's Drag Race, proud to say I lived through that season 1 filter. Hey Pork Chop!
7. What's your favorite product in the shop? Dori Midnight x Modern Women's Moon Phase Potions
8. Finish this sentence: On a full moon, we can find you... at my altar making art, and going to bed early hoping to have interesting dreams.
9. Who are your favorite fictional/historical/celebrity witches? My fave witches right now are the lovely witches behind The Commons, an incredible public access style webshow made by witches for witches. Season 2 is perfection, watch it on vimeo and fall in love with Angela, Zaniel, Historia, and Corinna. There are also magical segments from Edgar Fabian Frias, Erin Aquarian, and Amanda Yates Garcia.