May Astro Weather 

May will bring us a transition from earthy Taurus where we get in touch with our views on self worth, and inner stability while allowing our minds to be shaped into a vibrant place for our thoughts as we transition into a multi planet Gemini stellium.  

We start off on May 2nd when Mercury trines Pluto . This is the period of time where we have these deeper more intimate conversations involving hidden aspects of our psyche. Sometimes, simply talking about wounds (when we feel ready!)  release the shame around it. However, if it feels like lines are being crossed make sure to put up boundaries! Get ready for May 3rd when Mercury enters Gemini! . DM’s sliding your way and pings from texts and notifications will  make you feel like it’s your birthday (which is coming up for you chatty Geminis!). Use this time to create that new blog post, social justice based twitter account, or an outline for that book you’ve been wanting to write. Gemini loves to learn and relay information , use time to let your unexpected  curiosities lead your education. You’ll always have something fun to contribute to the group chat as well!  Love will suddenly need to feel intellectually stimulating to keep the spark going when Venus enters Gemini on the 8th. Switch up the Netflix and take out with your significant other and turn it into a board game night!  

The new moon in Taurus will be the beginnings of a new resolution that you are firm on seeing through, at least until the next new moon. Themes involving stable finances, relationships and roots such as your housing situation will be extra activated during this time. Taurus is patient, so understand that your affirmation for this new moon will need to be worked at daily for the manifestation to take effect. Are you ready for miracles and out of the ocean blue good luck to come your way- well Jupiter enters Pisces on May 13th! This placement is great for relying on hope and trust to connect you with your spirituality. Watch out for angel numbers because spirit guides will be extra active with their interaction on this earth plane! Keep note of the angel numbers, synchronicities and dreams during this time, because they are pointing you towards your path of good fortune. To complete our Gemini stellium we have the sun entering this witty sign on the twins on May 20th. 

 Learn from this placement and harness the power of speaking, talking and sharing. However, as responsive as Gemini energy is, make sure you are recognizing what needs an immediate response versus what can wait. At the same time, you may find yourself exploring new avenues communication, so let your intuition lead the way.  You never know when leaving a comment on that instagram you admire or sending a email to an acquaintance you find interesting might lead to a fun new connection! 

It’s natural to feel ungrounded towards the end of the month when your mind is buzzing away with brilliant ideas, but sobering and serious Saturn stations retrograde on May 23rd. But wait, before you freak out, all this will do is show you a path that will help you create permanent and lasting changes. It’s natural to feel anxiety around the gentle discipline you may have to embody but it is important as this Saturn energy asks for thorough self reflection by honoring your limitations rather than knuckling yourself through them.  If you are still confused what you continue to restrict within yourself the Full Moon and Lunar eclipse in Sagittarius will shed some light! This optimistic, adventurous sign values learning through experiences while the more cerebral and studious sun in gemini placement will hit the books to get information. This sister sign combo will teach you how to release your self imposed limitations! So with Saturn in retrograde, this month calls for a powerful, objective look at your relationship with self made structures and restrictions. Keep noting which are actually helpful (like turning off your phone and putting it in a drawer before sleeping)  and which are not (like succumbing to diet culture eek!)

We end this month with Mercury going retrograde on the 29th! Use this time to reflect on your communication style and whether it reflects your authentic self. Also keep tabs on who and what you are spending your precious words on. Saying yes to things we intuitively want to say no to (and vice versa!) will be the source of all miscommunication this retrograde.  This will be one of the more tougher retrogrades, so make sure you have backups to the backups and really hone in on what is most essential and leave out as much unnecessary stressful situations as you can! 

Dee Ros