This is my favorite time of year. I find myself feeling so creative and vibrant. I just want to make noise and rabble-rouse. This is what Leo season is all about! We’ve spent so much time going inward and slaying demons in July; it’s time to revel in the sweet release of all that heavy energy. Instead of being mired in the muck of retrogrades and eclipses, we are now able to enjoy the warm triumphant glow of this season’s energy. It’s time to shake things up!

Leo energy is super juicy; playing with the potent intersections of passion, ego, fire, and anger. When in flow, anger and passion dance seductively together. One feeds the other and when in balance, it can create powerful art and social change. We really don’t have enough healthy outlets for anger in our culture, especially for people socialized as womxn, queer folx and BIPOC.

Moving through anger is essential for processing and transforming the emotion into action. Exercise, dance, song and passionate debate are all great outlets for alchemizing anger into powerful action. Fire is a natural transformer; it wants to move and be dynamic. This Leo season is the perfect catalyst for working with the magick of rage. This oppressive system is not going to topple itself. We are the ones who have to pick up the hammers to smash the old and rebuild the new. 

If there’s one witch who knows how to channel anger into art, it’s Ariel Gore. Here at HausWitch, we are obsessed with her groundbreaking feminist novel We Were Witches (You can read Paige Curtin's review here!). We are so excited for her highly anticipated  Hexing the Patriarchy, a “magical guide to subverting manboy power” (Hachette Book Group). This invaluable book is full of spells, rituals, and everyday magickal practices to make the most of feminist wrath. Hachette adds: “Today’s wizarding women are raising hell, exorcising haters, and revving up to fight fire with a fierce inferno of magical outrage.” It really doesn’t get much better than that. We are counting down the days until it drops on October 15th!

In addition to reading radical books, the witches of Salem have channeled our anger into action through Witch the Vote, a community for political witchcraft. In addition to a vibrant online presence, Witch the Vote is increasing the focus on local events. We recognize the importance of enacting change on a local level where the most tangible impact can be made. If we are all focusing our attention towards the national cheeto nightmare, we won’t have any energy to focus on issues that affect our immediate community.

We realized that many of us don’t even understand how our local government works; that the local representatives cannot represent us if we don’t tell them what we want. Instead of just reposting memes and yelling on instagram, we decided to bring our magick to city council meetings, speaking in favor of affordable housing and progressive social issues. Next week, one of our rockstar city councilors Christine Madore is coming to our store to do an Affordable Housing info session accompanied by a community spell with the HausWitch coven. Witch the Vote believes affecting change locally can spiral out into the world through grassroots magick. It makes me really proud to live here and be part of this badass community of witches. 

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How will you channel your fiery passion this season? Is it time to go out dancing with your friends or start that band you’ve always dreamed of? Is it time to scream in the streets at a protest or call your representatives to support the right to choose? Regardless of how you work your magick, remember that you are a powerful witch and you have the tools to affect change in your life and the world.

Happy Leo season, witches! May your fire burn bright.