Bringing the house down with her shiny and magical prose, this review of our new products gets two rubber-gloved thumbs up from HausWitch and Evolving Light Energy Co. We simply had to share Kaitlyn Soligan's kind words with the world. If she convinces you that you also NEED these products you can find them right here to order.


I’ve been a clean freak for a decade, and honestly, it’s getting progressively worse. Cleaning sits at the nexus of a lot of things that matter deeply to me. It gives me a sense of control over my environment, it’s an expression of love for my home and the people and familiars within it, it shows my respect for the time our family and friends spend with us here, and it allows me to pour my magical practice into my everyday life.

The thought of magical cleaning products – products developed by a coven of women and queer folks I love and trust, to help me imbue yet still more powerful magic into one of my most important daily and weekly activities and give my practice a much-needed boost (just love to reach a little higher over here) – had me straight lusting.

That these magical cleaning products were way more environmentally friendly than my current cleaning products went straight to the heart of a very specific guilt. They were better for the earth, better for my family, and their purchase supported an awesome small business community rather than a giant corporation. I wanted LightHaus. I needed LightHaus. But I was also terrified of LightHaus.

When I say I like my house clean, I mean that what most people call a “deep clean,” I call a Saturday. I dust every surface, scrub every floor, light all the sage. Part of my expression of love in cleaning is, honestly, keeping my family healthy. I use a lot of Lysol.

I desperately wanted to love LightHaus, but I had a lot of nerves around cleaning products not being clean enough. Let me put any similar worries you may have to rest. This shit is amazing.

These cleaning products clean, and they do an extremely good job of it. They scrub, they disinfect, and way more importantly, they feel really good. This is some high-vibe housecleaning, and I can’t recommend it enough. Pouring shared power and intention into the ritual of housekeeping – of keeping my home – has elevated the experience for me and made it incredibly meaningful. Here’s how I experienced the products themselves:

Abracadabra – All Purpose Cleaner to Elevate and Uplift.

The power ingredient in this potion is literally vodka. Perfect. I 100% want to clean my kitchen with vodka, which I did. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed that, and yes, the kitchen is clean and shiny, and it put me in a great mood. I’m now reserving bleach for the times we cook meat (personal choice, I have some paranoia), and using this cheerful number at all other times.

Crystal Ball – Glass Cleaner for Clarity and Vision.

Fun fact about me: I am a notoriously terrible glass cleaner. You didn’t even know the world could contain such a thing, and yet here I sit. I can’t clean glass properly to save my life. Growing up this drove my mother to distraction; not only could I not provide a streak-free glass surface, I couldn’t even tell what I was doing wrong. I have some kind of glass blind spot. As a result, I have a grand total of two mirrors in my entire house and never clean them.

Until now.

Having an intention in cleaning my glass has made all the difference. After I cleaned everything else, I went back and did my two mirrors, and did actually feel a sense of clarity. I do feel better when they’re clean! Everything feels very complete.

Hightide – Calming Detergent for Heart and Soul.

I lived in small apartments in big cities for years, so the pleasure I get from doing laundry in my own home is indescribable. Bringing these sweet little hemp and rose castile soap pods into the mix, with essence of rose quartz I mean really, got me pretty excited, but this product made me a little nervous. Ruining laundry isn’t a thing you can undo. For safety’s sake, I started with our dog’s towels. This served two purposes: it let me experiment with the laundry detergent in a low-risk way, and it let me put some love towards my anxious little accidental familiar, who is a rescue with abandonment issues who needs all the help his fluffy little self can get. His towels now smell exceptionally good and feel great to snuggle in addition to being clean, and I use it for our sheets as well. Calming sleep influences for everyone.

Sacred Ground – Floor Cleaner for Grounding and Protection.

Cleaning my floors is a huge deal for me. Between the Fluffy Familiar daintily prancing through the mud outside and then running roughshod over my home and all the humans who track through here, I do a full clean once a week, and since I do it last, I associate the feeling of my floors being clean with closure, finality, and accomplishment.

I either use wet wipes or do the floor on my hands and knees. To make this solution work, I mixed two capfuls in two cups of water and poured the mixture into one squeeze bottle and one spray bottle. I used the spray bottle to hands-and-knees the kitchen, which worked fine. I probably won’t use it every time, but for my practice, having a nice base on my floor of essence of black tourmaline doesn’t suck.

But it’s on my home’s beloved and extensive wood floors that this stuff, ahem, shined. We’ve tried tons of things on this old, beautiful, dark wood, and this stuff is the best. They’re gleaming. And on top of that, this stuff smells great. I used the squeeze bottle to get a little on a section of flooring, then went over it with a Swiffer dry wipe. Worked like a charm. Will re-use extensively.

And finally:

Solstice – Every Single Thing Your Life and Your Bathroom Ever Needed.

Solstice was the pressure point for all of my LightHaus hopes and fears. Our bathroom is tiny, but when clean, it sparkles and seems to uplift the whole house. The second it gets so much as dusty, everything does a graceful nosedive along with it. I badly wanted to make cleaning the bathroom a magical experience – but I needed to clean the bathroom. Floors might get dirty and shelves might get grimy, but the bathroom is not a place to play fast and loose with hygiene.

I was reassured by the ingredient list, which includes tea tree oil, a substance which I know from my acne-filled teenage years will kill literally anything. Once I started actually using it, any lingering doubts evaporated (along with every spec of grime in my bathroom). This stuff is amazing. It cleans the hell out of some stuff, let me tell you. It smells great, and, as promised, brings a lightness to the bathroom that traditional cleaning products do not. True story: there’s an ever-flickering bulb over my sink that drives me crazy. When I used this stuff, the damn light came on. I kid you not. One week later, my bathroom looks much cleaner than it usually does at this point, and the brightness and lightness have both remained.

Room Spray Heaven

While everything was mad shiny and feeling good, I ran through the house with Holy Smoke spray and gave it a little while to settle, then followed up with Aura. The smoke spray wasn’t overpowering and I really liked it as an alternative to sage, which I have a notoriously hard time keeping lit. This is perfect for shared spaces and especially dorm rooms and other communal living. Aura has an awesome cinnamon smell, wasn’t too heavily scented, and is absolutely perfect for this time of year, since it feels both warm and optimistic.

Clean Haus Right Now

In short, LightHaus products cleaned my house, improved my skin, cured my dog’s anxiety and bought me a better wardrobe. Go on and get you some. Whether you’re a clean freak with some environmental guilt or a busy, haphazard witch looking to throw a little magic at your haus’s assorted challenges, this stuff will 100% get you where you need to go.

LightHaus products: guaranteed to support your most magical life in the most magical home you can create.


Kaitlyn Soligan is a friend of HausWitch and self-proclaimed clean freak.

She insists you at least take a look at her new fave products here.