Get Outta My Dreams, Get In To My Dreamcatcher

close upA few months ago my friend Heather posted an instagram of an awesome dreamcatcher. It turns out that she made it herself! I had no idea that Heather was such a crafty little minx! I immediately requested a Dreamcatcher making class (as you do) and I am going to share all that I learned here with you fine folks. Why a Dreamcatcher? Well, oddly enough I was addressing my dream life through a Jungian psychology class I was taking for fun (as you do) when this all came about. It seemed like the witches were trying to tell me something about dreams, and catching them. Also, much like woven wall hangings and macramé before that, dreamcatchers are having themselves a revival. SO! As long as Urban Outfitters is selling something, I will always be trying to make it myself for much, much cheaper. Okay! Here we go! Step One: Supplies! supplies Get ready, because if you've never shopped for Dreamcatcher supplies at Michaels before prepare to be overwhelmed. Thank god Heather was with me or I would've had a heart attack from the sheer number of bead possibilities alone! Here's what you need:
  • Wooden Embroidery hoop(s)/metal hoop/rattan hoop/wreath: Any size you wish your dreamcatcher to be!
  • Suede Lace (like a shoe lace but suede)
  • Embroidery thread/artificial sinew/hemp/twine
  • Feathers!
  • Beads! You should get a few different kinds and sizes. Most importantly, get some with bigger openings so you can thread the suede through them. I got some that look like crystals, little gold ones and brown wood ones.
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Binder Clip
  • Any other little thing your heart desires that you can feasibly attach to a dreamcatcher using string.
Step Two! Wrap it up! Use your binder clip to hold one end of the suede in place while you wrap the rest around the hoop as tightly as possible. Leave about 6-8 extra inches of suede on the clamped end to make the loop it will hang on. Step Three! Glue in Place glueknot Once all that nice suede is wrapped around the hoop tie it in a really tight knot with a dab of hot glue in the middle to hold it in place. You can now also tie another knot a few inches up to form the hanger loop. Step 4! Web of Lies String! Here's the trickiest part. BUT ITS NOT EVEN THAT TRICKY! So basically you'll create your "web" by looping the string front to back, (over the top of the hoop, around the back) and through the loop you've just created, around the hoop as close or far apart as you want. I know I know. I made a diagram to clarify: webbing diagram Your first row will just look like that. I think the mathematical term is "chords" (?) all around the edge of the loop. Also, pull it taught as you go. THEN on the next go around you'll loop your string through the mid point of the first set of chords. NO MORE GEOMETRY I PROMISE. webbing diagram2 Basically, you'll just keep looping and chording until you reach the middle. NOW. First of all, you do not have to work with just five points. You can do as many as you want. SECOND, you do not have to be all equaliteral about it. I left varying amounts of space between my initial tangents and I got a pretty cool effect. More on that later. Also, you'll want your string to be wrapped around something as you go around so that it doesn't end up a tangled mess. Step 5: Beads! Now is the time to start talking about beads!

afterbeadingSo depending on where you want your beads on your web you may want to start adding them pretty early on in the webbing process. If you want any towards the outside of the web you'll have to start early. I kinda forgot about that when I was making mine, but its cool because beads look really cool in the middle too. So just string em' on and keep webbing until you get to a little hole in the middle at the point that will be facing the bottom of the dreamcatcher. centerarrow

Once you're done with all that you can just tie it off by stitching a knot twice and move on with your life. To the bottom!

Step 6: The Bottom

The bottom is fun because there's no more math. Just string on what you want. We used a combo of leftover suede and embroidery floss. If you want to use feathers, string a bead on that strand first. Then hold the feather where you want it, put a dab of hot glue on the stem of the feather and slide the bead over where you glued to hold it in place. Bead, Feather, Glue, Bead. Got it?

Step 7: Dream On

You're done! Heather stuck a feather in hers:

[caption id="attachment_2013" align="aligncenter" width="640"](These pictures look a little cray because we were literally making dreamcatchers for so long that it got dark and the lighting was weird.) (These pictures look a little cray because we were literally making dreamcatchers for so long that it got dark and the lighting was weird.)[/caption]

and I stuck a twig in mine:

ericasdoneVictory was ours! And it can be yours too!

I'm pretty pleased with how mine came out. I especially like how f*cked up my webbing is in a good way.


For my next one I'm going to get fancy and try one with multiple, smaller hoops. I'll keep you posted.

Explaining how to make dream catchers is hard. Goodnight.

The moon is in Aquarius and the witches say: "Time for Study"