Get Grounded: How to Ground Your Energy

Get Grounded: How to Ground Your Energy

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By HausWitch Manager Paige Curtin, @junk_witch

"Ground your energy" is one of those phrases that's become so widely used (from "inspirational" office meetings, to weekend yoga retreats) that it's kind of unclear whether any of us actually know what it means, or practice it half as often as we should. Like, no one really wants to ASK for clarification because everyone sort of assumes that everyone else knows something they don't and it's just too late to admit it (leading to nervous, un-grounded energy)... but the truth is, grounding is a really personal process that feels different for everyone, because it's all about how you feel in your body and energy. You probably do know that feeling, but it can be tough to access it in these extra-stressful times. 

The What
Okay so the word itself, "grounding"- lots of meanings there! But think of the literal image that comes to mind. Obviously the ground, right? And "ground" generally means "outside" because when we mean "inside" we say "floor", so "grounding" must be related to the Earthy soil! See, you're so smart!

It's true, when we talk about grounding our energy we don't mean send it down to the literal floor under our feet. We mean even out your aura (or as I like to think of it, energy blanket) by sending intrusive or extra (in every sense of the word) energy all the way down through all the layers of the Earth to the fiery center of our planet. To quote our dear friend and Moon Circle Priestexx Zhana Levitsky of Folk Magic"the Earth is a great recycler and knows what to do with it". So when you send your energy down to the ground, it's not hanging out stuck under your carpet where you can kick it right back up again. It's being transformed into fuel for that sacred inner fire. 

Or if you don't want to be so woo-woo about it, think of the static electricity that can cause you to "shock" yourself or your cat (always tragic). Dispersing that electricity by touching something conductive like metal is called "grounding" too, because you're literally allowing the static to escape from your body into the ground (well okay it's a little more complicated than that- and a little more magical too, actually, but you can do your own deep dive from there!) As HausWitch Head Witch In Charge Erica Feldmann says in HausMagick"...every single thing on earth and in your home- from crystals and plants to furniture, people, pets, walls, herbs, objects, and even emotions- runs at its own individual vibrational frequency. This is just basic science; everything is made of atoms, and atoms are always moving, creating a vibrational frequency." So basically, even science says you should ground yourself. So there.

But we overshot there a little bit, didn't we? What the heck even is my energy, and how do I "send" it, and why should I care?? 

The Why
To be very, very basic about it- your energy is your mood. It's your "vibe", it's where your mind has wandered too, it's when you get goosebumps or nervous sweats or happy tears.

If you really focus inward, I bet you can feel your energy. Ungrounded energy can feel "fluttery": racing heart, butterflies in the tummy, wandering thoughts. Noticing your energy is the first step to grounding, and the more you practice that, the better you'll get at tuning in. 

Your energy is the first line of defense for how you move through the world: you know that phrase about "sticks and stones can break my bones but words will never hurt me"? Well words DO hurt, and heal, and it all has to do with your energy. Ever feel like someone's words just punched you in the gut? They basically punched your energy (your solar plexus, to be specific). And sometimes that punch just keeps punching, long after whatever did the punching has left. Anyone who keeps up with the news knows that for sure! But it's not all about the "bad" stuff- sometimes when we're really excited for something, it can be tough to stay in the present moment while we wait. 

Sometimes you leave your energy behind even without experiencing one of those gut-punches. Ever felt like you got home but your mind is still at the grocery store? Grounding your energy into your space can be helpful for drawing firm boundaries about who gets your energy and when. It can help you feel safe and supported instead of untethered. For folks who don't have a safe physical space to call home, or for anyone working through trauma and experiencing triggers, grounding can be a way of finding a safe place inside yourself as you navigate the situation.

The How
There are tons of methods for grounding, and most of them don't even require materials except for your own dang self + a moment of stillness! But of course, there are also extra-powerful instruments that can help during any of these suggested rituals, some of which are available right here, tried-and-sworn-by the HausWitch Coven. And for witches who like to really research their craft, there's tons more in-depth info about grounding and energy in our HWIC's first book HausMagick!

Some suggestions for grounding:
-Take a deep, deep inhale through the nose and hold it for a moment. Exhale through the mouth until all your air is out. Do this as many times as you need to feel present 

-Place both feet or both hands firmly on the ground and focus on each of the four corners of your palms or soles in turn. Get yourself feeling as steady as possible by focusing on your foundation. 

-Take a bath or shower and clean yourself from the top down. Focus on sending unneeded or uneven energy down with the water 

-Take a few deep breaths and picture a ball of light at the base of your spine. Use your mind powers to picture it spinning and spinning, gathering up any loose energy (like spinning cotton candy into a bundle) and then push it down down down into the ground. For a more in-depth ritual, do this for each of your energy centers in turn, starting from the top and moving down. 

-To ground yourself into your space, sprinkle salt across the floor and spend a few moments picturing it glowing with rainbow light, connecting with your own light and drawing down any unwelcome energy. Then sweep up the salt and throw it away.

-Turn any activity that requires your concentration into a grounding ritual: making coffee, brushing your hair, journaling, gardening, cooking, anything that sings to your soul and keeps you tethered in the present moment. 

-Light a candle and fix your gaze on the flame. It's psychologically proven that firegazing can help focus your thoughts and calm your energy. If it's a scented candle, take deep breaths and immerse yourself in the scent and warmth. 

-Hold a grounding crystal or take a grounding essence during any of these activities to call in extra support. Darker-colored stones tend to be the most grounding, but even rock from outside works (maybe even works best)



The days of the week carry just as much energy and symbolism as the months of the year or the phases of the moon, and that can be helpful for witches who like to time their spells with the vibe of the moment!Inside you'll find practices, associations and allies for each day of the week to help you infuse every day with magic.