There's so much going on right now in the cosmos and it's really supporting us with the Saturnian discipline we need to crush those new year goals. The January 5th new moon solar eclipse in Saturn ruled Capricorn is helping us purge what doesn't serve, and drive us towards a healthy, focused routine. Where in your life are you feeling the call for more discipline and dedication?

I, for one, have been forced to change my habits due to a bad infection. I was forbidden to smoke and eat sugar. This is pretty much a nicotine addict's worst nightmare. The prime coping strategy for quitting smoking is binge eating sugar. Saturn was like, hey, gotta cope in a healthy way!

Thank the Goddess I'm an herbalist! Sometimes I forget to use my healthy skills for my own health and default towards unhealthy habits. This time, I made an amazing formula with calming herbs like Milky Oats and Skullcap as well as lung-supporting herbs like Mullein and Licorice.

Unlike other smoking cessation formulas I've used in the past, I decided to add gem essences to this one. Wow! What a game changer. They're helping me tremendously and just in time for my class Stones and Crystals for Magic and Healing on January 27th. We'll not only talk about the healing properties of stones and crystals, but also learn how making gem essences can bring their magic and healing into your body and aura.

Quit Smoking Gem Essences Blend

Black Tourmaline: Supremely grounding. This is the go to mineral for dispelling negative energy and psychic shielding. A lot of us start smoking to help create a boundary between us and the world. Tobacco is very grounding and psychically protective, not to mention that smoke cloud keeps people away! Create an energetic cloud of protection with Black Tourmaline.

Lepidolite: I call this the Emotional Emergency Stone or the "Everything is going to be ok" stone. The purple color comes from the calming Lithium element. Though the lithium does not physically infuse into the water, it is energetically stabilizing and gives us a feeling of "I got this"

Turquoise: I used a very blue turquoise to correspond with the color of the throat energy center. Turquoise helps me speak my truth, speak from the heart and unblock the throat. Smokers tend to build up energetic blocks and hold trauma in the throat area. I always wear turquoise around my neck when I teach, sing in public or need to speak with intention.

Want to learn more? Join me on Sunday, January 27th 7-9pm for Stones and Crystals for Magic + Healing! We'll talk about how the stones and crystals can help support your goals this year. Happy 2019!

For the love of Magic,
Kate Laurel

Kate Laurel has been studying plant medicine, crystal and energy healing over 6 years.  She's hosting a workshop coming up called Stones and Crystals for Magic + Healing. Join her and learn more about the power of these little gifts from the Earth here.