I don't know about you, but for me Cancer Season has been a weepy-watery emotional roller coaster of annoying. I am SO READY to kiss it goodbye. This week's Full Moon in Capricorn was all about building/fixing/strengthening foundations and releasing what no longer serves us. My girl Jess led the most beautiful guided meditation Tuesday night and I asked her to summarize the deliciousness she served us, and how we can carry that energy with us through the next few weeks:

This week, our moon showed us her full body in earthy Capricorn – in opposition to our sun in Cancer. These signs are both feminine in nature and these mamas are all about going inside to create a strong foundation for our Selves – and that’s about where the similarities end.

Watery Cancer has had us all month, tending to our emotional processes, caring for our most fundamental needs and reevaluating our core beliefs about our connection to Life – for the ultimate purpose of strengthening them. It’s been a little heavy and possibly hermetic, living in this deeply internal watery wonderland. Maybe we are emerging with little or big upgrades to our self-care - like intending to drink more water or taking more time for rest or for free writing. All this, to get us asking, “How do I really feel? “How do I want to feel and what basic steps can I take to nurture my Self and those feelings?” Honoring our feelings and our basic needs is clutch for knowing what we really want and integral for creating emotional stability.

It is SO good right now to start the emergence from Cancer season with a new, more authentic sense of Self and what/who is important to us. This full moon in Capricorn is the perfect time to set free what isn’t.

Unlike Cancer, mama Capricorn doesn’t care much about our feelings. Capricorn is both grounded and inherently spiritual in nature - so she’s able to see the whole, big picture. She just sees how truly powerful we are and can’t sit by and watch us waste it crying. She may not have as many hugs to give, but she’s busy making sure we get our shit together. She loves structure, plans for the future and financial stability - all the things that set us up for an easier and successful life. She wants so badly for us to take responsibility for our Selves and to create a strong foundation that will hold our uniquely personal dreams. There is a ”getting real” energy to this hard-working moon and it is for the ultimate grounding of our worldly visions in practical ways. This is a fantastic moon to get real with our Selves (still, gently) around any habits, relationships or beliefs that are holding us back from reaching or even setting long–term goals or from owning our personal power. This can look like going over our expenditures and seeing where we are hemorrhaging money/time/energy, silently acknowledging a toxic relationship so it can change, admitting lack of focus and anything in between. There is that need for logic and to even get pissed off at the ways we’ve given our power away, so we can take it back and transmute those negative patterns. A certain amount of anger is fantastic catalytic energy for change here. Imagine the fierce and protective Love a new mother has for her child…allowing that energy to well up for our Selves will create more sovereignty to come through. No, I will not waste my precious time on people who don’t hold my best interest. No, I will not numb out to life day after day, burying my desires. HELL.FUCKING.NO. Capricorn knows you have incarnated here and now with purpose. She knows you are a powerful creator and how good your medicine is and how valuable it is to the world at large. She’s like the really well intentioned dance mom in your head, pushing you to focus and move forward.

Over the next few weeks we can blend these energies by keeping it simple and only feeding what is necessary and true to our core. Continue to rest, eat nourishing foods and nurture Self, but also take ownership of your emotions and your healing, write down your goals and the practical steps to reaching them. Claim what you wish, do the work, wait and trust. Feel into what you want and take responsibility for it’s manifestation, acknowledging any forms of self-sabotage for release. There is possibility now for the complete purging of anything not working anymore. Reconnect with the insights from this Cancer season to make sure you’re only moving forward with the things that light YOU up, specifically. From this grounded space, a thriving, delicious material world can find you more easily – more organically. Believe it. Belief is everything.

This work is so big because any healing that we are doing on an individual level is helping to heal the collective. Each of us taking our power back even a little changes the world. Understand that and own it. So many powerful manifestors out there (myself included, at times) are feeding a story of a sick world that we need to check out of or fight against. When we know the power of our thoughts and emotions, we step out of victimhood and we get open to what is possible. We step out as whole, honest, clear and successful humans with beautiful work to do. Leave worry at the door. Capricorn mama wants to show you that there is a path of personal bliss as service with your name on it. Trust, that the first and most basic step on a strong foundation is all that is ever needed to find it.

I chose to end our full moon meditation this week with an affirmation of our power to create a healthy life and world with our words and the belief behind them – magick:

For each other, we see wild self-acceptance, deep connection, and sparkling joy, warm Love, sacred space for growth and reality-bending synchronicity. For our Earth, we create radiant Life to take hold, awakened beauty, rejuvenation and lush abundance. Let the future exceed our wildest, most juicy expectations. This or better. And so it is. -Jessica Jones Lavoie