What is DAPL?

The Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) is a 12-30-inch diameter tube that would carry 500,000 gallons of crude oil (unrefined petroleum) per day, straight through the middle of the United States. The individual pipeline is nearly 1,200 miles long, connecting the Bakken oil field in North Dakota to the Three Forks production site in Illinois. In reality, it is part of a massive system of pipelines that would eventually connect oil fields in Alaska with Canadian production and down to the Gulf of Mexico for processing and distribution. This individual pipeline will cost (reported) 3.8 billion dollars and NEEDS approval from the federal government, Army Corps of Engineers and Tribe. Construction, otherwise, would prove that we are living in an oligarchy. The project began in 2014, is 60% completed and was supposed to be finished around December 2016 and that is just not happening. ☺

Where is it?

DAPL is set to run through the vital topsoil of our “bread basket” and supposed to carry tar-esque crude oil through the Missouri River and other precious wetland sanctuaries. Inevitable bursts and spills will devastate fragile ecosystems, drinking water and agriculture for millions. No people understand this more fully than the Native Americans living and resting, directly in the path of the “black snake.” In addition to the grave environmental impacts, the pipeline would run through some of the most historically rich and sacred places to the Natives of North America. It is totally illegal - breaking the Fort Laramie Treaty of 1851 and all codes of basic human decency and self-preservation.

The people will not accept a reroute or a delay. Not one more pipeline.

Why, though?

DAPL and all pipelines around our Mother, are being built and funded by the same “dinosaurs”, who are desperate to ensure our reliance on old, dead energy from which they profit. They know we are moving away from dirty, crippling fossil fuels and they need to lay down expensive infrastructure that will prolong our reliance on them. We need to demand the release of existing patents for free and renewable energy. Not one more pipeline!

Who’s behind DAPL?

The DAPL is the love child of many huge corporations and major banks coming together in the interest of money. Big surprise. Energy Transfer Partners was the company building DAPL until November 21, when Sunoco Logistics Partners took over in a huge merger being called the first “Trump deal.” Sweet. Sunoco is responsible for over 203 oil leaks since 2010 – more than any of its competitors. So, not only are you gonna sell us out, but to the lowest bidder. Cool.

Some major bankrollers of the 3.8 billion dollar construction of DAPL are

Bank of America, HSBC, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase. Do you owe any of these guys an insane amount of money just for getting an education? Switch to a local credit union. Tell them you are woke.

Right now

The Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation in North Dakota, home to Dakota and Lakota people of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, is now home base for DAPL resistance. The opposition to DAPL is the largest unification of Native American tribes since the Battle of Little Bighorn, over 100 years ago. The Oceti Sakowin (Sioux), many other tribes and non-Native water protectors have set up small camps along the Missouri and Cannonball River in ND to act as the literal barrier between Earth and the fucking apocalypse. There are men, women, elders, children and infants – members of different tribes and some non-Natives living and functioning together for the first time. Elders from long-warring tribes, holding ceremony together for the first time. It is powerful to think about.

Water protectors at Standing Rock, regular people, are faced with armor and tanks and rubber bullets, water cannons, sound grenades, attack dogs, mace and inhumanity. If it weren’t for their Spirit and courage, the project would be done already. Much respect. This week, a thirteen-year old girl was shot in the face, an elder is in critical condition and a woman may lose her arm to a rubber bullet. This week as well, planes flew over camp in the night – lights off – spraying chemicals over the people every two minutes for nearly three hours, according to eyewitnesses.

We need to know this is happening. We need to feel, embrace and alchemize the rage of our government committing acts of terrorism on it’s own people. We need to face the truth that our natural resources have been sold out from beneath us long before November 8th. So we can be on fire. So we can come together in action. In Love. A Live.

The days of voting for the blue team and retreating back to a bubble of apathy or debilitating empathy are over. Let’s welcome it! Let’s put our big girl pants on and go to work taking autonomy back for our Selves and for our Earth. No president can do what we can for our communities through physical and energetic effort. The band-aid that was holding America together has been ripped off and things are not getting worse - they are being revealed and healed faster and more deeply than ever. This is what we came for!

What we do

Solidarity and activism come in many forms. Although having bodies at Standing Rock is very important, many of us cannot or are not called to be there, physically. The most effective ways to stop completion of the DAPL, from a distance, are to support the needs of water protectors on the ground, to make those phone calls, to boycott the Wall St. banks behind it, to stay aware and to send our Love.

The Sacred Stone Camp is a major headquarter for the Sioux and all water protectors at Standing Rock. They are in need of warm, winterized gear, sleeping bags, tents/yurts, firewood etc. Imagine what a makeshift village of all ages would need to survive winter and police brutality. We will be collecting your gently worn winter clothes and blankets for Standing Rock until next Tuesday, November 29. Notes of encouragement and solidarity for the water protectors are great too.

All donations can be dropped off at HausWitch Home + Healing during open hours. I’ll be leading the new moon circle and guided meditation that Tuesday night at the shop so it would be a perfect time to drop off warm stuff and stay for the relaxation.

A full list of supplies and addresses to send your own donations can be found here: www.tostandwithstandingrock.net.

Cash donations can be sent via venmo: tostandwithstandingrock and will be distributed by elders to pay for everything from lawyer fees to shelter and vehicles.

Our voices are being heard and the pressure is being felt. Just this week, the Army Corps of Engineers put a temporary halt on construction until further review and tribal input. Also, Swedish bank DNB, which has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to kick start the project is now “reconsidering its participation” in the wake of strong popular opposition and obvious human rights violations. We keep watching. We keep going. We keep calling.

Army Corps of Engineers: 202-456-1111

North Dakota governor Jack Dalrymple: 701-328-2200

North Dakota sheriff, Kyle Kirchmeier: 701-667-3330, 701-667-3318

Sunoco Logistics Partners: CEO Michael Hennigan, 866-248-4344

White House: 202-456-1111

There is so much happening right now that can demand our attention and that can divide us. Stay grounded and nourished. Resistance to the Dakota Access pipeline and defending our own planet and natural resources that we need to survive is just common sense and something we can all get behind. We have every opportunity to rise and we owe it to some folks.

Let’s use our voices and whatever privilege we’ve been blessed with to spread truth among friends and social media circles. Create momentum towards Life. Slow down. Go outside. Listen. Forgive our moms. Pray for Earth and Her people. Be curious about our ancestors and our Selves. Visualize the “black snake” being put back into the Earth. Imagine our sacred waters running clear and abundant. See the Earth and Her Rainbow Tribe dancing in victory. Know that we have already won. We are more powerful than we think!

Jessica Jones Lavoie is a witch, twirling in the revolution. She holds a BS in environmental science from Salem State University. You can follow her on IG @evolving.light