Witch Camp is less than a month away and I know so many of you are curious about what exactly Witch Camp is all about. So I wanted to give you all a deep dive into the workshops and classes we're offering as well as the fabulous people teaching/leading them. I wanted a really well-rounded line up of (witch)crafts and magic and I think that's exactly what we have. Oh, also, there are still spots open, registration will end July 5th and we've lowered the minimum age to 11. Okay, onto the magic:


Astrology 101:
Did you know the moment you were born you were given a beautiful map that tells you about
you, and why you love the things you do? This map is called your birthchart. This class will
teach you all about decoding your personal birthchart, so you can understand your map. We will
talk about every astrology sign , and all the planets. You will learn what all the funny symbols
stand for. We will do fun exercises with each other to help us better understand our fellow
witches. And I will even teach you how to look up your friends and family's charts so you can
understand them better too. We all are truly made of stardust, and this class will show you how!

Crystals for Healing:
Crystals are amazing at helping you and others heal just about anything! In this class we will
explore what the colors of the crystals mean, and how you can tell which ones to use. We will
explore the colors of our energy centers, known as chakras, and how to use crystals for healing
your chakras. We will even practice on each other. We will talk about how to clear our energy
with crystals, and why this is important. And lastly, we will learn how to use your intuition to pick
out crystals, and to understand what they have to say to you. This is a very fun and interactive class.

Dream Weavers:

This workshop invites a whimsical and empowering space where we play with the energy of nature and our intentions. Each teen witch will create their own crystal dreamcatcher and affirmation to enhance their Sacred space from the inside out.

Creating Jewelry with Intention:

A class on how to manifest your desires in physical form by creating jewelry with intention. Susan will work with you to design and paint a bangle that reflects what you would like to bring into existence-love, abundance, creativity and joy-using colors, symbols and design. Each witch will leave this class with a beautiful piece of custom, unique jewelry!

Understanding Animal Totems

Within this workshop, we will define the meaning of animal totems and outline their types-- from power animal, to messenger, teacher, protector, or healer. Campers will be led in both in discovering their animal totems, and understanding the medicine they offer. The goal of this workshop is to leave campers feeling connected to and empowered by the natural realm.

Bathe in Light: The Art of Cleansing Our Field:

As budding witches exploring the beautiful spectrum of our inner and outer realms in new ways, it important that we learn how to cleanse our energy fields when we're feeling a little *off*. Whether you've just had a rough day or if you're working with a particularly heavy spell or ritual that leaves you feeling funky, there is a variety of simple, yet effective techniques to help clear away some of those unwanted energies and leave you feeling a little brighter and shinier than before. We will be working with both physical and metaphysical tools and conducting a healing, harmonious field-cleansing ritual together as a group.

Music Magic:

"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent" (Victor Hugo). Singing, especially communal singing, is good not only for the mind but the body as well! In this workshop we will be uniting our voices in singing a variety of songs, rounds, and chants from global traditions, encompassing themes of empowerment, as well as appreciation and love for mother earth and the spirit.

Handmade "Book of Shadows":

Create your very own “book of shadows” to take home with you - think of it as a little witchy diary. We'll cover the basics of making books by hand including how to bind a simple journal using easily found materials and simple tools. Plus, everyone will get to design and carve a stamp to decorate their book (and take home to stamp on like, everything) during the class. All materials included!

Spell Crafting:

Each camper will create their own magic spell kit to help them bring an intention to life. We will cover:
Intention Setting
Using sacred objects
Timing with phases of the moon
Harnessing the power of crystals and minerals
Potion making

All materials are included and each camper will have their own spell kit to bring home.

Herbal Remedies:

An introduction to herbs that help ease stress and anxiety for teens. Learn easy to prepare recipes for herbal snacks, teas and treats that nourish and soothe your mind and body. You will also receive a pocket guide of herbs mentioned in class, self care tools and simple at home remedies.

Reiki Level I:

Reiki (Ray kee) is a Japanese relaxation technique that supports the body's natural healing capabilities. It is based on the idea that there is an "unseen life force" which flows through us and all living beings and that when our life force is high, we are happier, healthier and have more resilience when it comes to dealing with stress. When we are trained and attuned to Reiki energy, we learn how to be channels for this life force energy to flow through - bringing peace, Love and healing to ourselves and others. Reiki is gentle and safe.
This level I workshop will be a fun introduction to natural healing where we can practice giving Reiki to plants, crystals, ourselves and each other. The Usui Reiki level I attunement opens the receiver to be able to tune into the energy and is optional.

Tarot 101:

Tarot is a symbolic language ripe with archetypal imagery, potent planetary and astrological associations, numerology and magical meanings— but also, Tarot is a story told in pictures; simple as that. In my Tarot 101 class, we will explore the visual information presented in the Tarot deck and learn to peek behind the mysterious signs and sigils. After a brief history lesson, we’ll delve into using the deck and learn several easy spreads you can then use at home on your friends! This is a hands-on, experiential workshop, so bring your deck if you have one (if not, no worries I have plenty you may borrow!)

Zine Making:

Express yourself with this workshop on zine making! Zines are small-run, shareable publications that are self-written and illustrated. We will talk about the fascinating history of Zines, from there emergence in 70's punk scene to discuss new ideas and identity, how they've developed to what they are today! Each student leave the class with their very own zine that they will be able to reprint and share with friends and family.

Intuitive Development:

In this workshop we will connect with our inner knowing and identify our personal intuitive style. We will discuss how we know when we are receiving a message from spirit and we will participate in activities designed to enhance our own psychic abilities.


Grace Harrington Murdoch is a practicing Astrologer, Energy Worker, and Flower Essence
Practitioner residing on the North Shore of Massachusetts. She has been doing this work for
about 8 years. Her passion is to bring the healing arts, natural medicine, and Astrology down to
earth for her students. She has written and run many classes on Crystal healing, Astrology,
Energy Reading , and more. She loves working with children & teens and is currently writing a
book specifically for this population on all the spiritual lessons that they were never taught in
school. She hopes to complete this book by the end of this year. She is thrilled for witch camp,
and in her local witch community, they have dubbed her "the white witch." She looks forward to
meeting many young witches this summer! You can learn more about her on her website:
www.innerlighthc.weebly.com Grace will be teaching Astrology 101 and Crystals for Healing.

Jessica Lavoie is a fairy mama living in Peabody Massachusetts. She received her BS in environmental geology from Salem State University in 2013 before stepping into full time magic making as an energy worker, artist and quantum activist. Jessica will be teaching Dream Weavers and Reiki Level 1.

Madeline Mooney has worked in the public schools of Salem and Beverly for the past 4 years. She enjoys working with a variety of age groups and student populations. Madeline began studying alternative healing during an herbal apprenticeship in Vermont in 2009. She is now a certified Reiki Practitioner. In her Reiki practice, Madeline incorporates both plant and animal medicine. Madeline will be teaching Understanding Animal Totems.

Lyndsey Harrington daughter of Barbara, grand-daughter of Jacqueline and Thérèse, is a multidisciplinary witch who grew up between Melbourne, Australia and Santa Barbara, California. She had her magical awakening at age 16 when she was taken under the wing of a medicine woman who taught her the ways of the Craft. In 2012, she began leading moon ceremonies for women around New York City and in 2013 she co-founded the international witches' collective, Moon Church. These days, she can be found teaching spellcrafting and energy healing, as well as running the Fairy School for children in Brooklyn. Her home is currently in Woodstock, New York, where she lives with her black cat, Poppyseed. Lyndsey will be teaching Bathe in the Light.

Maggie Smith is a class teacher at the Waldorf School at Moraine Farm in Beverly MA. She recently completed her M.Ed in Waldorf Education, writing a master's thesis about festival traditions. She likes trees, fairy tales, and baking bread, and will be leading a singing workshop on chants and songs of the spirit. Maggie will be teaching Music Magic.

Sylvia Tomayko-Peters is a Somerville, MA based artist and designer. She runs Middle Dune, a handmade paper goods business, where she creates letterpress and screen printed cards, prints, and notebooks. When not binding books in front of Buffy reruns, she can be found playing with cats, scouring the beach for seashells, or being a total nerd. Sylvia will be teaching: Handmade Book of Shadows.

Zhana Levitsky hails from the folksy Baltic shores of Eastern Europe. The profound intersection of magic with mundane life is her primary source of amusement and education, however she does hold a masters degree in Extension Studies from Harvard University. Zhana is a long-time Salem Witch and shamanic practitioner with a deep understanding of tarot archetypes and mythology. You can find her facilitating the monthly Tarot Salon at HausWitch. Zhana will be teaching: Tarot 101.

Erica Feldmann is the owner of HausWitch Home + Healing. She holds a Master's Degree in Gender and Cultural Studies from Simmons College. While earning her MA her focus was on Witches and Teenage Girl Culture. HausWitch started as a budget home decorating blog in 2012. In 2014 she developed a line of Spell Kits for bringing good energy into your home. For more info see: www.stag.hauswitch.com/about/ Erica will be teaching: Spell Crafting with Cai Sheppard.

Cai "CJ" Sheppard is a self-taught witch with a BFA in musical theater. She has enthusiastically been practicing witchcraft since she was nine years old and has been working with HausWitch since 2013. CJ will be teaching: Spell Crafting with Erica Feldmann

Spencre L.R. McGowan is an herbalist and fiber artist currently chased in the New England area. In 2013, she graduated from the California School of Herbal Studies and has since been teaching workshops and running the blog Gingertooth & Twine. Spencre will be teaching: Herbal Remedies.

Maria Elena is a psychic medium from Haverhill Massachusetts. She has been working with her gift for five years now, primarily out of 12 Oak Growth and Renewal in Beverly Farms. She looks forward to helping the young witches awaken their own gifts of psychic and mediumship. Maria will be teaching: Intuitive Development

Susan Alexandra is a NYC based artist and jeweler. Known for her signature designs featuring swirling, vibrant, lush colors, each piece is made by hand with love, intention and hope. Intended to transport the wearer to a happier place, Susan creates the pieces to be personal, empowering and dynamic. Susan Alexandra jewels are enriched with healing powers. The jewelry is created as a means of manifesting ones true desires and raising the vibration of the wearer and observers. Susan and her work have been featured in Vogue, Teen Vogue, Elle, Racked and Refinery 29. Susan will be teaching: Creating Jewelry with Intention.

Janie Korn is New York-based illustrator and sculptor. She is a zine maker and a founding member of the Cultivated Piranha Zine Club. Her sculptural works are inspired by the narrative format of graphic novels. Janie will be teaching: Zine Making.

Camp Counsellors

Ariel Cefalo: has worked in close capacity with homeless children and their families at a non-profit in downtown Boston for the past two years. I believe in the importance of an environment that is consistent in support, encouragement, and a little bit of magic. A good day for me is when everyone keeps their hands to themselves, makes good choices, and remembers to say "please" and "thank you."

Melissa Nierman: is a certified teacher and Master of Education. She has created original arts curriculum for camps, non-profits, and after-school programs all over the country. She loves magic, the moon, and improv games especially.


So there you have it! 5 days, 10am-5pm, all the Teen Witch Magic you can take. Registration will end July 5th and there is still space for more campers! So if you have a teen or know an awesome parent who does have them visit www.stag.hauswitch.com/events/ for all the deets! Next week I'll write about the inspiration for Witch Camp and have more info on our last 3 workshops and teachers!


The moon is in Gemini and the Witches say, "Study the Birds"