ChannelEDTV: What Is A Spirit Guide?

What Is A Spirit Guide?
with Dee Ross

Hi, I'm Dee Ross. I'm an intuitive medium and a spirit guide channeler. So, I bet you're wondering, Do I have spirit guides? What are they? What do they do? What if I told you that you have an amazing group of celestial coaches up in the spirit realm, and you've even here. Yes, really. Who are out there looking out for you, guiding you, and most importantly, loving you unconditionally. Spirit guides are a group of ethereal beings that your soul made a contract with to come down here on Earth, and basically have their wisdom, give you intuitive nudges, and just really set you on your highest vibing soul path. 

The first type of spirit guide is a celestial guide that can come in the form of goddesses, gods, spiritual beings, sometimes even concepts such as water or nature, or a tree spirit. So, they can come through and project in a way that is understandable for a human here on this world. So starting off with your primary guide: this guide is always going to be the one that has been with you throughout your entire life. Most of the time, this can actually even be a loved one, or a family member, even an ancestral spirit guide. So, the first kind of spirit guide is always going to be the one that really kind of has this bird's eye view on your life, and is always saying “Hey, go here, go here. How about over there.” You know those little whispers that you always hear just nudging you and pushing you towards some amazing new life? That's where this comes from. 

You also have guides here on Earth. Really. Have you ever called up an amazing friend, and you hear the most beautiful advice or wisdom that could have come across? You have to realize that your friends' guides are also channeling through your friend, and reaching to you. 

And of course, don't forget about the elementals. You have spirits as fairies, as river spirits or anything here that has nature. With them, you can actually develop a more day to day bond, so to speak. So, these are the guides that will help you pay your bills on time, get you a great new job, or just kind of get really focused on a lot of these day to day situations that are just a requirement of being human. 

And one more thing, they are not genies. They are not here to grant your wishes. You still have your own lessons and your own life to lead here, but rest assured that they're always pulling strings up in the spirit realm trying to get things in your favor. So, never, ever, ever hesitate to ask for help, because they love it when you do, and they will very much gladly do so.

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