ChannelEDTV: October 2020 Astroweather

October Astroweather Report
with Dee Ross

Hey everyone this is Dee and I am here for your October AstroWeather Report. Now you may be wondering, What is going to be brewing up with the planets? Well, let me tell you. So we are starting off with the Sun in Libra, it's all about that harmony, those relationships that we make with others and making sure that we really step forward in our social justice movements whatever calls upon us. But have three planets in retrograde this month: Mars Uranus, and Neptune. What does this mean? It is time to stop putting off aligned action. You're gonna find maybe a lot of blockages or maybe you're just feel a little bit more tired than usual. Well, it's because you're all about preserving that painful energy of yours to do the things that matter, like voting.  Man, a Uranus, and Mars retrograde love love love for you to go out there and cast your ballot. 

October 1

Let's kick off this incredibly powerful month with a Full Moon in Aries - not just any full moon, it is a blood moon. What does that mean? We're looking back at our ancestry, our lineage. How is it that powerful, fiery Aries energy, we can courageously step up and start healing that DNA.

October 2

Now, we move into October 2 and I am feeling the love in the air. When Venus goes trine with Virgo. What does this mean? It's all about showing your love in grounded pragmatic ways. So, if you love to cook or make stuff, why don’t you make something, and deliver it to your friends. Likewise, the fact that your loved ones, your partners, they want to help you out. So if you're working those long nights, you know, let your partner step in and take care of the chores. 

October 7

Now, when we move into the seventh of October, what are we looking at a Mercury opposition Uranus. This, wha! Today, you better get that notebook and that pen writing because you are going to be brimming with these genius ideas, because this aspect actually signals for these really game changing plans that you may have had, and it’s time to voice them out to others. 

October 9

Now, when we move into October ninth, Mars retrograde, by the way.  Aries become square Pluto and Capricorn. Things are just coming to a grinding halt. You may find yourself getting all these obstacles, all of a sudden, all these blockages. Well, it's really time to take a look at your to do lists. What are some things that are just not helping you get to your goals, especially again Pluto and Capricorn, so your work goals. What keeps stopping you from achieving that inner power as to where you want to be in life. So, it's really a time of taking a look at those things, all the shoulds and the musts and just get rid of them, just hone on the true things that you really want to do, and that's a really going to get you to where you want to be by the end of this year. 

October 14

October fourteenth, Mercury goes Retrograde. Hey, don't be afraid. When mercury goes retrograde, instead of panicking, it's just time to look at all the ways that our communication has been, maybe not the best. What are the ways that even communication in terms of relationships in the family - again, remember that this is all about healing that ancestral lineage. So, what are  some patterns that we can finally break? What are some ways that we can communicate the way our souls want to rather than maybe what we grew up with? So that's whyI'm really excited to see all the work Mercury in Retrograde is going to give us this month. 

October 15

Now we finally move into the second half of October. Interestingly enough, around the fifteenth, we have a little bonus for you, the Sun is trying your North Node. Now, this is a really special time because it's really important for you to focus. There's going to be so many clues that are going to be provided for you on this date as to your life path. Normally, you're going to get signs, symbols, visions, people telling you things that are giving you clues as to what you were meant to do in your life, because a North Node is always showing us what our true life path. 

October 19

Moving into October nineteenth, because Venus is trining Jupiter, guess what? It's all about visualizing envisioning what is that dream life of yours? Take out your vision board. Seek out your watercolors. Take out anything that helps express yourself artistically   - your instruments and create a songwriter, make an artwork as to what you want this life to be, what do you want your ideal partnership to be like. This is prime manifesting time so take advantage of it. 

October 22

Whoa, October twenty-second. What we've all been waiting for the sun goes into intense magnetic Scorpio. Let me tell you what I love about Scorpio. Scorpio embodies itself. Scorpio is powerful, not your brute strength, maybe, but it's more that inner power of owning your shadow befriending it even, acknowledging it rather than suppressing or trying to get rid of aspects of yourself that you're just not feeling. So how about we make peace with that shadow the way Scorpio wants us to do, right? 

October 25

Now when we move into the twenty-fifth, things start to really really shake up. Sun is conjunct Mercury. Are we living and embodying our truth? Do you feel that the way you speak, what you say,  again back to that communication aspect, is embodying your true self? So, today you are challenged to say one true thing about yourself. So, if you've been keeping up with that identity and you know what you put out there, it's gonna be easy for you. But maybe if you’ve been feeling that discrepancy, it might be a little challenging for you. But again, speak your truth today and do not be afraid of what others may think, what the family may think. It is time for you to embody that and remember Scorpio. Mercury is going to be in Scorpio and that charges forward, because it is just unafraid of embodying its full self. 

October 31

And finally, October 31 Happy Halloween, it's Samhain season. All right, and we're closing off this incredible power portal of a month with a Full Moon in Taurus. Now this new moon is asking for us to really focus on the physicality of things. It's asking us to use all the wisdom that we accumulated in this entire month and ground it back into our bodies. Have we healed a lot of that ancestral lineage? Were we able to really pause and know the difference between aligned and unaligned action? And of course, most importantly, did we heal ourselves so that we can then start the journey, start healing others and healing the world, and be more in tune with our own body needs?  And remember, if there's one thing Taurus loves is self-care, so please use this time to indulge in your favorite candles, really make your body feel special. Make some time to your craft to art, to do the things that you love to do, because we need you feeling great. And and motivated for November 3, which is the Election Day. 

All right, well thank you for tuning in and I'll see you next month on our AstroWeather Reports. Bye!


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