ChannelEDTV: November 2020 Astro Weather Report

November 2020: Astro Weather Report
with Dee Ros

Hey everyone, here is the November Astro Weather. And if you're anything like me, you're probably holding on really tight to your crystals and getting really anxious and nervous because this is the month that pretty much determines the fate of our country. 

So, around this time, the planets really want to hone in and channel something really important. And no matter what happens, it is cosmically set for a purge to happen for traditional conservative power structures to start crumbling and breaking down at their feet, regardless of the result. So what does this mean:  you continue on, you don't give up because whatever result happens, it does not mean we stop or fight. If anything, it just means, we go at it even with more heart and with more passion. And that way, it means we can finally come to a more just an equally liberated world. So, what happens when traditional power structure oriented Saturn clashes in the heart square with gogogo communicative Mercury. Well let me tell you there's going to be a lot of tension in the air. A lot of harsh words are going to be exchanged, especially in the media. 

November 1-7

So guess what, for now, it is extra important for you to take some self care because November 1 to November 7 week (yes, election week)is going to be really fraught with just fighting on both sides and especially because November 3 something really, really important happens: Mercury goes from retrograde to direct. Yes, the same day of election. So what this means is: the scales of justice, the truth will finally start to unveil and come out after weeks of so much uncertainty and so much fear and Mercury really making us think twice about what the outcome is going to be, so just rest assured that, again, this direct motion means that things, communication, is finally going to be at a more stabilized level. 

However, this means that you want to protect yourself in the form of mantras. So it's a really great way of doing Mercurial spoken word magic Earth signs, say yourself during an extremely intense week: “I have enough to support myself and others and thus I can help anyone.” Water signs say, “I am allowed to feel my deep intense feelings, however, that does not mean I have to disconnect.” Air signs: “I choose to accept unconditional love and support from my chosen family.” And Fire signs, “I will use my sometimes chaotic energy into channeling it into something positive for myself and for humanity. 

November 9

So, after that really really intense week, we are going into November 9, which means Venus goes into opposition with Mars. Oh no, it really does seem that the fighting does not stop because in this heart aspect, we are seeing so much of the Mars driven energy again, a lot of the patriarchal structure, going to the divine feminine and saying, hey, you better act tough. And really it's time to really explore your innate softness and understanding that keeping your softness, keeping that Venusian creativity, allowing yourself to maintain that is going to be the most brave, and the most fortifying act of war against these patriarchal structures. So, around this time, really, really make sure that you are tending to your heart space, and you are tending to those self care needs despite how hard that outside world wants to make you. 

November 12

So, something really interesting happens on November 12: Jupiter goes conjunct with Pluto. So we have the super happy go lucky planet of expansion and some party time with the really intense, and very deep planet Pluto. So, what we see here is that, finally, after an entire October of so much self reflection, a lot of just pulling back, and even the bits of Shadow Work, we're finally seeing the fruits of this labor. Think of this day as a kind of that flower that blooms when it's nighttime So, take this day to really honor those shadow aspects of yourself that you have finally learned to embrace. What did you always reject about yourself that you're now ready to own up and use it? So, really this is a beautiful time for you to face those fears because guess what you have Jupiter's expansive protective energy. As a matter of fact, did you know that a lot of the reasons asteroids don't hit Earth is actually because Jupiter's kind of energetic and gravitational protection around it. So, rest assured that you're in good hands. 

November 15

Now, November 15, things are starting to feel a little bit more light because we have a New Moon in Sagittarius. Now, Sagittarius represents everything: Higher Learning, higher wisdom, and lots of spiritual knowledge. So this New Moon, draw up your own curriculum. You know, in school and growing up in life, we're always dictated how to learn, what to learn. And, you know, we're always just being forced to learn about things we have no interest in. So for this New Moon, make a sacred stuff curriculum. Look at all the things that you've always wanted to learn about whether it be crystal magic, botany, space, anything. Enroll into those online classes for magic, or for you know something else that you want to study, go to the library and check out books on those subjects that you've always been fascinated with. So this New Moon, it's time to own your own education. A round this time you're suddenly going to start to feel like the whole world also wants to start doing its own research, it wants to start forming its own opinion. You’re really gonna see a peak in self education around this time. 

November 22

November 22, the Sun finally goes into Sagittarius which is such a time to explore. It's a really great time to think about all the ways that you really want to bring yourself out. What are your best qualities? Because Sagittarius loves to be optimistic, so think about all the great things that you want to do as soon as you allow yourself to celebrate who you are. 

November 24

And now, we are almost near the end of November, and I am just so excited for this week because November 24 Mercury is trine Neptune. This means spirit guide, ancestors, the universe is going to work extra hard to deliver divine messages of communication. So this means, watch out for those Angel numbers because they are extra important around this day. And this is also a really great time to start communicating more closely with your guides, because they are going to be leaving you a lot of little clues around, and even dreamwork to speak to passed away loved ones, ancestors so around this time spirit world and the super loving benevolent universe is going to be handing us, it's like, messages after numbers after blessings so really keep your eyes peeled for this really lucky time. 

November 30

And now, November 30, we close off with a Full Moon in Gemini. Now, what I love about Gemini energy is that it is so mentally active, it's always five steps ahead of the game. So, with a Full Moon in Gemini, you really want the look as to how you can start letting your little curiosities see where they take you. You also really really want to practice trying up new skills, because if there's one thing Gemini loves it is variety of all sorts. 

Self-Care Tips for Each Sign

And now, to conclude this video I am going to include some self care tips for each sign. So, here we go:

Aries: make sure you champion for those that can't still yet fight for themselves. 

Taurus: you will be receiving a really unexpected visit from someone that you really thought wasn't gonna be there much but at the same time, you want to make sure you're also setting aside X amount of fun so that you can donate to your favorite causes 

Gemini: listen and really make sure that when you're speaking, you're also taking the time to actively hear what the other person has to say. 

Cancer: it's time to embrace that nurturing quality but also start putting up some boundaries, so maybe this is the time you really want to make sure that you start saying “no” to a lot of the things that you just don't have too much energy or time for.

Leo: this is your moment to use those megaphones and make your voice louder than ever so roar for those causes that really tug at your heart.

Virgo: I know you're really wanting to pick and have a lot of self perfectionist traits so this is the time to go easy on yourself and indulge in a little bit of some more bubble baths and see self care as something that is just good for your soul.

Libra: it's time for you to create an amazing piece of art. Remember you are Venus ruled, so use your creativity to its best.

Scorpio: look back at your past, and see all the ways that you're just ready to let go of these stories.

Sagittarius: openly embrace that you're really just ready to expand even further. It is going to be your season so maybe you've outgrown some things and you're ready to, you know, make that next move. It's going to be a good time to do it. 

Capricorn: you're actually going to feel a bit of an ease going later into this month so let yourself take away things from your plate, and instead of multitasking, just start bringing in some more focus onto your day to day life. 

Aquarius: you always have these brilliant genius ideas so it's time to be more secure in them, your opinions are actually really intelligent so don't shy away when you feel like you don't have something smart to say, if anything, just speak it and own it.

Pisces: I know how tempting it is to just want to withdraw. But really, your ultimate self care for this month is going to be basing, a lot of what you're most afraid of by doing it gently and having the support of a loved one, or a best friend. 

Well, hope to see you next month. Bye.


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