ChanneledTV: Junk Witch - Penny, Paper Clip, Screw, Cord

Junk Witch: Penny, Paper Clip, Screw, Cord 
with Paige Curtin

Hey, I’m Paige. I’m the Spell Specialist at HausWitch Home + Healing here in Salem, Massachusetts and I consider myself a Junk Witch. I'm really fascinated by this idea of the junk drawer in general, which is probably something that we all have in our house in one form or another. Or maybe it's the bottom of your purse or the center console of your car, but it's full of these objects that we kind of couldn't decide if they had value. You know, in the moment we thought, “I can't throw this out but I don't know what I'll use it for so it doesn't have value right now but it might in the future.” And it turns the junk drawer into this portal, this like weird liminal space of all these items that are just kind of waiting to prove themselves. And I think as witches, we really know how to find the value in the weird stuff, the stuff that most of society doesn't. I like to call that the sacred mundane. I wanted to talk about a few things that I'm pretty sure we all have accumulated in our houses and maybe haven't thought of in a ritualistic way. 

So the first one, probably my favorite I actually talked about this a lot, is the penny. For something so tiny it symbolizes a lot of things, and of course the first thing that we need to acknowledge that it symbolizes is capitalism, so it's great for using spells for tearing down those systems and replanting something else, especially because the penny doesn't really make sense. The materials are worth more than it’s worth in currency, in American currency at least, and pretty much nothing is worth one cent nothing is really sold for one cent, unless of some online scam or then they charge you like $20 for shipping. But the penny is made of copper, which is a really conductive metal. It's great for transferring energy so it's kind of like a palm sized generator for that sort of thing. And it also symbolizes the sun and fire, and I think it makes a really great offering to the gods, Mercury, as well, who is the god of commerce but also a trickster god, and when Mercury's in retrograde he plays a lot of tricks on us as far as the things that we consider fixed, the things that we ascribe value to. And so I just feel like he really gets a kick out of pennies in particular. So I like to leave those as offerings around town or in the places that I'm traveling heads up to symbolize lucky pennies, which is another value that we ascribe to them in our society. So anytime you find pennies, I would consider that a magical moment, for sure. 

Another one, which might be a little bit harder to see so I'll do that, that beauty blogger thing that we're talking about: paper clips. Just normal paper clips.I like to use them to carve things into candle wax or sigils during ritual. It can be used in place of an atheme, a ritual knife, which is really really pretty, but maybe not something we all have access to. And the other cool thing about paper clips, is that they're bendy obviously so you can twist them into different shapes for use in your spellwork. I can be an S for success. yYou can twist them into spirals, which have a lot of meanings as far as community and cycles. It can be a little lightning bolt for spells that call in that sort of power. Spaperclips should definitely not be overlooked at the bottom of the junk drawer as having value other than holding documents together.

I feel like every house has random screws and nails sitting around even if you don't know why. I'm not particularly a home improvement type person but I've somehow accumulated all these screws. And I actually wrote a very very simple spell, with only a screw and a piece of paper. It was during the so called president's impeachment trials, and I called it, “Donald Trump you screwed yourself.” And that was a lot of fun and I won't say it won't work, because he technically wasn't impeached but this system is really weird. So maybe we all just need to do that together before election time. So screws are really fun symbolically, not just for wrath spells, but also for improvement and for community, holding things together. Just a great symbolic tool. In my Irish heritage nails were actually used ritually. Iron nails were thought to be protective against the fae folk. And so people would put them under their mattresses or in their pockets and carry them around so they don't get transported into Fairyland, and that doesn’t sound so bad these days. But since a lot of our nails aren't iron these days, except the ones we might be digging up from the basement, we can still consider that symbolism and consider nails to be really protective or tough as nails. We have, you know, sharp nails, looking out for us so that's something to think about as far as protection and boundaries especially. 

Um, last one which is probably the weirdest one. I think we probably all have these random electronics chargers around the house too. And we're not quite sure where they came from or what they go to anymore. Maybe we'll never use them again for another device because they just don't have that port anymore, but we're still hanging on to them. I know I have a few. And so again symbolically, I mean, chargers charged things right. So if you have a spell jar or a sigil or even a perimeter of a spell that you're doing, and you're looking to create that charging energetic atmosphere, there's really no good reason you can't use some of your actual electronics chargers to do that. I mean they're the right shape and size. It doesn't have to be, like, silken red cord rope to do what you want to do with your with your spells.

So I hope that got the wheels turning a little bit. I would love to hear from you all. And what you've got in your houses and what you might be thinking as far as these things I mean it's really all about the attention that you put behind your magic so everything can mean something different to everyone else if that's what works. 

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