ChanneledTV: Junk Witch - Aluminum Foil


Junk Witch: Aluminum Foil 
with Paige Curtin

Hi, I'm Paige! I'm a Junk Witch and today we're gonna talk about possibly the most versatile ritual tool of all time: aluminum foil. It’s really easy to find. It's really cheap and for folks who maybe like to be a little more discreet about their practices, it's something you can have around without anybody really noticing or questioning why you have it, but there's some cool stuff about it too. 

I really wanted to know if there were any known correspondence...correspondences...associations...correspondence… alignments! between aluminum as a metal and any planets or elements or anything cool like that, so obviously I consulted Scott Cunningham, who has an encyclopedia for everything. And aluminum is actually in here, but he kind of doesn't know what it is about either, because he says, aluminum is a modern metal it wasn't really used ritually historically by any people so what we know about it is all based on modern usage so he decided that the correspondents were air, because aluminum is used in the manufacturing of airplanes and it's kind of light and airy. And he also decided that it corresponds with mercury, because it kind of resembles mercury and is found a little more commonly so it can be switched out for that ingredient. 

And I just think it's kind of funny that the authority..“the authority” on all things magical associations would create that in his book and just be like, I don't know but they use it to make airplanes, so you know why can't we do that too. We are going to do that, we're smart. So, if you take Cunningham's correspondences...associations...alignments as true or if you make up some of your, I think aluminum could also correspond with the moon just like silver does. That opens up basically the whole world of spellwork. I mean, that gets us into manifestation and communication and banishing and travel and all kinds of good stuff so. It's all sitting right there, right on a little cardboard tube in your kitchen. 

It's also really moldable, you can make it into anything and then take it apart just as easily, so you can make yourself a whole altar just out of aluminum foil. Like you can make a bowl for moon water, or a wand, or a crystal charging plate, or a weird goddexx crone figure or a candle/ incense holder. So everything you need right there. Just out of tin foil. And then you can take it apart just as easily and hide it away, and nobody will ever know that you did a spell for calling in all of your ancestors to stop them from leaving their dirty dishes in the sink. 

Well, that's how I got for you this time. Hopefully that's enough to get the gears turning and let me know if you come up with anything else cool like I definitely want to know about all of your baked potato spells, your aluminum foil shrines, weird ritual crone goddexx instruments that may or may not come to life right after this video. Thanks!


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