ChannelEDTV: January 2020 Astro Weather Report

January 2020: Astro Weather Report
with Dee Ros

The shift from Capricorn to Aquarius brings so many changes, including some major upgrades after finally integrating the lessons we learned from our 2020 journey. Here are some important transits to watch out for! 

Pragmatic Capricorn is right in its element as you really want to start saving money around the 6th when Mars enters the always-loves-a-good-deal Taurus. It’s finally going to pay off the 20th when actionable Mars conjuncts techie Uranus leading to investments in fresh ideas or new tech like an upgraded business website or higher quality tools and materials for artisans. You may even want to search for  more soul aligned work and start funding that business you always dreamed of. 

The sea goat season culminates with a Capricorn New Moon on the 12th, which is going to be a total blessing to ground water signs (especially Cancers!) who have been trying to grapple with massive internal changes focused on self support rather than self sabotage. Earth signs will feel right in their element, but will also want to let go of rigidity in themselves and their relationships, understanding  we are all a tad bit messy and imperfect.  Fire signs are going to have a bit of an upswing by slowing down their rapid fire ideas and focusing on what can be done today (very helpful for Aries!) . Air  signs like Libras will need down time from 24/7 availability due to social media or realize that their communication is a big strength and will usefully play it up . 

However, despite these changes, with Mars squaring Saturn since the 16th (up until summer, so we are in it for the long haul!), we are going to collectively redefine our approach with quitting vs commitment. What is worth your energy, time and commitment? asks Saturn, who always appreciates a long term approach to everything. Are you still in a job or relationship that you cling to out of fear? 

Also, think back on the promises you made yourself, can you realistically keep them or would it be wiser to let them go? For instance, you may realize that loving your body as is and following a health focused journey will pay off much deeper than a short term diet gimmick! 

Regardless, the answer depends on who you are shaping yourself to be for 2021. 

Enter the Age of Aquarius!

Amidst this grounded and sobering Capricorn time we will be getting a glimpse into the centuries awaited (drum roll please!)…Age of Aquarius! This isn’t just a fab hit song by the 5th Dimension , but a real astrological event destined to shift the future of humanity. We start off on the 8th of January, when Mercury enters the intellectual, humanitarian sign. This will make you want to engage with the community while still adhering to social distance standards, so join (or start) online groups if you are an air sign.  Earth signs will want to think about ways of merging tech with their job, water signs will be able to logically assess their relationships along with the energetic impact they have on them (extra beneficial for Scorpios) and fires such as Sagittarius will use their fast instincts to well, cleverly find some techniques to put out future preventable fires. 

To pour even more water bearer energy on us the Sun enters Aquarius on the 19th of January, bringing some necessary community oriented vibes to our day to day lives. We will also feel more refreshed from a lot of pent up frustrations that we meticulously analyzed back in Capricorn season, as we learn to detach from what we don’t have full control over and take more unique approaches to our healing journey, (such combining art therapy with traditional talk!)  

This air sign powers up the flames of the January 28th Full Moon in Leo and the sun in Aquarius could not be happier! Finally some fun, creative ideas to really invigorate the air signs (especially Geminis who will embrace an artistic project!) And bring some confidence to water signs, who will want to walk as if they wear an invisible shiny crown (how about an aquamarine and amethyst tiara for Pisces?). Earth signs are going to tap into inner playfulness to invigorate their cool energy ( you can even check out some awesome feminist comedians such as Hannah Gadsby).  Fire is going to feel at home when it starts to tackle some long standing projects with confidence (even the ones you may have been procrastinating a bit on!)

So remember how in the beginning of Aquarius season we decided to get in touch with our friends and community? Well, we are really going to rely on their support when Mercury goes retrograde on the 30th- yikes! But, no need to fear because this makes us embrace the re - reflect, reevaluate and redirect. You will look back at your past behaviors and find the pattern to once and for all heal, which Virgos and Aquarius will feel the most.  The upgrade/investment we gave ourselves from the Mars/Uranus conjunction on the 20th will also console us when everything feels haywire! But, here is a little cosmic secret, the reason communications, deals or contracts feel like they are being slowed down or obstacles are thrown our way is because, to advance, we always need to periodically course correct. And sometimes, we don’t trust our intuition and go full steam ahead on some not so aligned paths. Perhaps that email you forgot to send actually needed some extra info to secure a deal, or that forgotten appointment led to a more convenient specialist! Mercury retrograde is here to show us to slow down a bit and really focus on trusting universal timing! 

   January is really primed to be a step into a time portal of a better future while still continuing to heal any old wounds that set us back! Our inner changes will reflect in our outside world so that we can continue to forge ahead a new year of a long awaited inner and outer revolution. 


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