ChannelEDTV: February 2020 Astro Weather Report

January 2020: Astro Weather Report
with Dee Ros

February is going to be dishing a little bit of tough love for 2021, but no need to worry because the Aquarian/ Piscean transition will have us mending our mind and our heart space, because you’ll need both to weather these worldwide storms and internal changes. Let’s check out where the planets will take us!
Have you been feeling slightly topsy turvy lately, in terms of being super emotional one moment and suddenly developing a cool, calm, detachment. Watch out because this Mercury retrograde in Aquarius is highlighting all the areas in our lives where we just “assumed” things. Like for instance, you might assume that your boss doesn’t need a follow up email, even though your gut is telling you to send it anyway, and you find out that it was pretty important!
So how do we survive this Mercury retrograde in Aquarius season? Easy - Research, double check and release extremes (like ridiculously high or ridiculously low expectations of yourself). All signs will be trying to find a happy medium, but sometimes it’s going to feel like this balancing act has you moving from one extreme to another. Fire signs, (especially Sagittarius) but also Capricorn , will need to really make sure what they’re getting into, hire a professional or at least do a thorough google search! Air signs, such as Gemini will need to double check that what crossed off on a list was actually completed!
February 1st, we see Venus go into breezy, down-to-just-vibe Aquarius. This is a time where we will show love by making space to share all sorts of bizarre theories, and value our loved ones harmless eccentricities . Remember that Venus also rules our relationship to money so in Aquarius, you may spend it in upgrades like some upgraded tech & internet purchases (air and earth signs would def have receipts with these!). Because Venus and Mercury in Aquarius, all forms of flirting and fun communication will take in the form of DMs and IMs (but also we are in a health pandemic, so thank you Aquarius for keeping it safe!). It’s also a great time to creativity to shine through social media, so learn some cool video or photo editing tricks and post them February 8th, when super shiny sun in Aquarius in conjunct Mercury.
Also around this time, don’t be surprised if you reflect back on your past relationships by using some thoughtful Aquarian logic to form a healthy detachment (looking at you water signs, especially Pisces!).
February 11th is going to be the MOST Aquarian day EVER, with the New Moon in this air sign, making us ready to connect with an important cause to fight for!. Earth signs will understand the importance of work that supports a team or a group. With six planets in Aquarius, it’s going to be a magical day to create a radical internal change that gives your head and heart more space to hold the needs of the collective. Venus is also conjunct Jupiter this day so it’s also the best time to start manifesting a relationship of your dreams!
In the next six days however, we will feel yet another energetic jolt when Saturn in ... (you guessed it - that water barer sign) creates a challenging square aspect with Uranus in the sign of finances, stability and material goods, Taurus. This means that worldwide movements of progress will clash with the staunch resistance of on structures. More than ever, the cracks of capitalist structures will come to light, not just globally but internally. We might even battle between our inner convenience and what small (or big!) sacrifices we have to make in order to remove damaging habits and structures in our lives that keep us from moving forward.
To mend some of the tension we will have the sun enter dreamy Pisces, where a wave of intuition and connectivity with our feelings will foster feelings of hope. However, it is a bit tricky because we still have so much airy intellectual Aquarian thought processes clashing a bit with emotions we long thought were buried will be bubbling from under the surface. Signs such as Aries and Cancer and to a degree Capricorn will find a respite, since a lot had to come out. The Piscean spirit however, carries with it a deep internal knowing everything will be all OK.
So Pisces, for this season indulge yourself with so much extra self care, like a cute little zine that makes you feel good to finally learning to navigate insurance and get a much needed therapist!
Mercury finally goes direct on the 20th but before a collective sigh a relief there is a slight post retrograde period where we still want to mend any mistakes, hurts or gently wipeout the tears that marked our retrograde period. This is a beautiful time to meditate on self forgiveness, something sun in Pisces will help with. Fixed signs, notably Taurus and Scorpio will want to connect with themes of self compassion when they feel extra perfectionist or tense in their heart mending process.
Our heart will melt as we shift into a softer state when Venus enters Pisces. Love will come in the form of deep confessions, expressing gratitude and sendings lots of good vibes. We will also connect with musicians and artists and understand that they produce so many gifts for us, in the form of songs, paintings, stories, and content. Make sure to show them lots of love by supporting their work and sending them to our loved ones! If you are in an existing relationship, you might feel compelled to avoid conflict around this time, and try to just laugh it off (looking at you Sagittarius) or sweep things under the rug (Libra!) So make sure to air out your real feelings and thoughts regardless of how how much Pisces wants to swim away.
February 28th is going to bring a much needed grounding Earth trine in the form of a new moon in Virgo, Mars in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn. Finally, all the inner emotional work you have been doing will finally feel settled and real around this time. This full moon will very literally bring to fruition something you have asked and worked for in a physical sense. Take a look at your outer reality around this time, because its going to provide such many clues as to what your internal vibes are reflecting. This full moon is really going to focus our minds! Projects needing those finishing touches will come close to completion . Or those certain details for a project regarding the who ,what, where, how, will finally arrive, (making air signs and fire signs such as Leo especially happy!).

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