ChannelEDTV: December 2020 Astro Weather Report

December 2020: Astro Weather Report
with Dee Ros

Hey there everyone and welcome to this December edition of the Astro Weather Report. Now this is really a great month to recalibrate, to take a deep breath. See that we've gone through collectively, a really intense really powerful year. And now it's time to look back and see all the ways that we've grown and changed. Again we are seeing a transition from knowledgeable, happy go lucky Sagittarius moving into a more grounded almost a little bit disciplined Capricorn. So we're seeing this transition of All right it's time for us to really engage in self care, get ourselves rooted and grounded so that we can stabilize ourselves into the great work that must continue. 

December 1st

So, we start up, December 1 Mercury enters Sagittarius. So this is an amazing time for learning, expanding your mind, broadening your horizons. But the best way to do it is by supporting your local bookstores, so check out any indie shops that you really like, or even, you know the bookstore that's been around your block or part of a community so this is a really a great time to acquire knowledge, both spiritually and about our community but through other sources. 

December 5th

Now, December 5 rolls around, and sultry intense Venus a Scorpio becomes harmoniously Trine with dreamy Neptune in Pisces. Now, what this happens is it's a really good time to explore our sexuality, even when we are alone so this is a great time to really see what we desire what we don't desire, also in love partnerships, it's like, Alright I am really done with sort of these negative patterns and I am ready to embrace these more healing positive traits. So, this is a beautiful time to really explore your heart space, make amends with it, and also really see the way that a lot of your hidden desires will continue to act out if you don't address them so just might as well make peace with your shadow. And remember with this aspect there is a lot of harmony so it's a great time to really sit down and explore and, you know, feel this out. 

December 11th

Now, when we go into December, 11, we see another really beautiful gentle opportunity for healing because Jupiter, planet of good luck, expansion becomes sextile, which is also another really easy going aspect, with Chiron, Chiron in Aries, by the way. And we're also seeing Mars, that go getter fiery planet, become harmoniously Trine with the Sun. Now, this is an amazing time to really make amends with what has angered you, it's time of self forgiveness. And it's a really soft space and time for you to see how you've suppressed parts of your anger, but also what parts of your anger has actually been your own soul telling you what needs to change ,what you're tired of seeing, what changes do you want to see happen. So, it's also again, a really good time to do shadow work without feeling so so intense that you won’t be able to handle it. So, take out a journal, and really start exploring these depths of yours, and see where that inner fire of you is starting to become ignited. 

December 14th

So, December 14 rolls around that it is New Moon energy in Sagittarius. Now, what we really want to focus on is setting a new intention, and because it's Sagittarius, it's about what is it that we want to explore, how do we want to have an adventure with ourselves. So, I think this is a great time to make sure that those intentions are about all the ways in which you're ready to do some community exploration, how we are ready to kind of really dig in deep into our knowledge and see how we want to expand what we consider sacred, what we consider magical, what we consider spiritual. So again, explore your spirituality, but sometimes in the ways that you often didn't think you were very connected. For instance, if you think of yourself as like, Oh, I am a plant witch, I am an earthy witch. And you suddenly discover that Hey, I actually wanna explore my psychic development. Or maybe you're very a literary witch and Hey I think maybe I’d like to start delving into this magical knowledge of numerology and some fun back stuff, these are some ways that you can get into that New Moon energy. December 14 also brings with us a very fiery intense solar eclipse. Again embrace these new stolen intentions of learning. And with that solar eclipse it’s going to feel extra powered up. 

December 15th

So, around December 15th, Venus enters Sagittarius. Now how do we show love when we are quarantining or staying inside and we can’t really go home and visit too many people. This is showing love through long distance. If there's one thing that sad also really appreciate, it's bubbling up adventure, ideas, and travel. So, this is a time to send a loved one, a postcard. But definitely support, again, an independent maker that has some postcards of places you always want to travel to, or maybe a place that you dream of traveling with that intended recipient and go ahead and send it off as sign of love. 

December 15th-19th

So, around December 15th-19th, everything becomes Aquarian. Why, because Jupiter enters Aquarius. And Saturn also enters Aquarius. Well, something around this time is going to be very revolutionary, very game changing ,because the planet Saturn again which also rules government and laws and certain policy, we will be seeing a really interesting, really new kind of idea and policy being brought up around this time. So this is great news if you've been filling up a petition for some changes that you want to see or anything related to social activism. It will be a win, because again we have Jupiter's lucky energy going into this. Also great time to upgrade your gadgets. So you feel like you've been needing a new computer, because you know everything is work from home, or you really feel like you're ready for some upgrades. Maybe your business is thinking about, again, acquiring anything new and innovative now is the luckiest time to do it. So you’ve got Aquarian blessing with that. 

December 21st

Now December 21 rolls around and we finally go into Sun entering sobering, thoughtful grounded Capricorn. This is a prime time to really see where your expenses are going, what kind of charities or collectives that you want to get involved in. Capricorn also really blesses anything that’s really earth based, such as indigenous reparation collectives or any Earth healing organizations. And also we really want to think about what legacy do I really want to leave behind. How can we heal ourselves, so that we leave this earth better for the future inhabitants, because Capricorn again it loves hard work. It really also prefers us to keep stable. So this is a great time to see what ways we can find some inner sense of stability. How we’re not going to let ourselves be blocked by mean comments, or sometimes feeling like we just can’t do it anymore. Again, we are building a solid sense of self and the more solid we become in our identity, the easier it is for us to go after our dreams and have this prevailing sense of spirit that no matter what happens, we will make it through. Again, if you're watching this, you've made it through this very intense 2020. So, you're almost there. 

December 30th

And finally, December 30, we close off with the super cozy Full Moon in Cancer. Cancer energy is all about nurturing, that love, that family, so think about all the ways that you want to nurture yourself. This is a great day for some self care. Light those candles, pull up that blanket, and also really give yourself space for your emotional healing, and a beautiful time also to look at your home and gauge Is this feeling warm enough? Do I feel safe enough in this environment? And what can I modify so that I feel more safe and cozied up in my space? 

December Cozy Scopes

I'm sure those rash decisions of yours have actually made it to some great stories and some great advice, so take up this mentorship role and help others by sharing your story

It is DIY season for you. Buy that kit that you've always wanted to learn and make. So we have really cute spell kits at HausWitch or you know an embroidery kit or anything that you get crafty with. 

You've been a big boombox of ideas and knowledge and now it's really time to rest up and care for yourself. 

It is mental studio time, so make sure to set aside some space either in your home or even in your mind where you can just have an hour or two of you time, phone off all creative ideas and expressions flowing through. 

I know there's a lot of perfectionist tendencies but it's really the month to let them go and start making those first steps in that project that you've always been holding up because it has to be perfect. Well it doesn't, you just got to make that first step.

Just embrace yourself and really engage in showing you self care routine, or a daily routine that supports your natural being. So sometimes it's like, for what we eat, or how we dress. Is it resonating to ourselves.

Now, this is also a great time for you to heal and a really important time to look within and see all of the ways that you're just ready to cleanse and make sure you are prepared for this new year.

This is also a great time to really let go and take a lot of overdue responsibility and burden off your shoulders. So great time to finally give away clothes or furniture, you no longer resonate with.

It's your season, so make sure to really celebrate yourself and think of all the achievements that you’ve conquered for this year. 

That super genius, intellectual mind, it means a lot of inspiration right now, so this is great envisioning time. Make a board for all the things that your heart desires. What do you want to bring in for the New Year?  

Oh gentle sweet Pisces! Give yourself lots of love, but make sure to ground, because when things get really harsh around us and we just really want to escape, so really interact with nature. Get yourself something woodsy or make sure you can take walks in nature, if it's not too cold. 

Well I hope you enjoyed December's Astro Weather Report and I'll see you next month!


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