HausWitch Home + Healing is located in downtown Salem, Massachusetts and has everything you need to bring good vibes home. With affordable vintage and secondhand furnishings, candles, crystals, decor and personal care products, the store is a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to improve the energy of their home. We’re proud to share an ever-refreshing curation of work by local, independent and emerging artists. There is also a line of premium Salem souvenirs, so you can take a piece of Witch City home with you. HausWitch Inc. combines the principles of earth magic, feng shui, yogic meditation, Jungian psychology, and interior decorating to bring magic and healing into everyday spaces.


Erica Feldmann has been using intuition to heal spaces from a very young age. A Chicago native, Erica moved to Salem, MA in 2010 to study Witches and the sacred feminine in the Gender and Cultural studies graduate program at Simmons College. The knowledge she gained there, combined with her innate talents with interiors, came together to form HausWitch, a company devoted to helping people heal their spaces and love their homes. Decorating her clients’ homes on shoestring budgets taught her about the challenges people confront in their homes and habitats.

In 2015, HausWitch opened in Salem, MA so you can bring good energy into your space and take a little HausWitch magic home with you.